Preity Zinta as a rustic bandit

Actress-businesswoman Preity Zintais set to make a comeback with Neeraj Pathak’s ‘Bhaiyyaji’, in which she plays a ferocious bandit. The film will also feature Sunny Deol as a gangster from Uttar Pradesh.

According to Pathak, Preity Zinta has pulled it off with aplomb. “Preity plays a Uttar Pradeshwali. She plays a gangster’s daughter. She’s no-nonsense UP gangster and Sunny Deol’s wife,” he added.
Apparently Preity’s transformation into a foul-mouthed rustic bandit was so convincing that Sunny wants to cast her as Sohni’s Punjabi mother in the remake of ‘Sohni Mahiwal’, a film that the actor reportedly wants to do with his son in the lead.

Pathak said: “Preity’s interpretation of the firebrand wife’s character is bang-on. She will not be seen as only for urbane sophisticated roles after ‘Bhaiyyaji’. We’ve 12 days’ shooting left. We will complete the shooting post-monsoon,” said the director.

In the past Preity had worked with both Sunny and Bobby in ‘The Hero: Love Story Of A Spy’ and ‘Soldier’. Interestingly, both the films were hits.



I said seven years ago that Narendra Modi should be the Prime Minister: Preity Zinta

I am doing two films right now, one is called Bhaiyyaji Superhit and the other is Happy Ending, and I had nothing to do with what it’s called. It’s a film with Saif. You will be hearing about me doing some other movies soon but as of now, it’s just about the IPL and the elections. It’s the first time since 1984 — it’s been the most decisive elections for India with the BJP coming as the single largest party with such a big majority.

Politics and elections
I had said seven years ago that I would like to see Mr Modi as Prime Minister. I started off as his biggest critic. Post Godhra, there were only negative thoughts in my head about him being communal. But then when I started going to Gujarat to shoot etc and meeting other people there, especially the Muslims and the stories I heard from them and the development that I saw around them made me see him in a different light. And you know what? The Supreme Court has given him a clean chit so who are we to judge? If the highest court in the country says something we must go by that, and secondly, it’s not the first time that we have had riots in India. We have had riots from 1984 to Kashmiri Pandit issues to the Godhra riots to the Muzaffarnagar riots – we have had all these issues but who, after falling down so badly, has gotten up and taken care of his state and done something for the people? So that means that there’s a future with this person and that was the only reason that I really started leaning towards him and becoming a fan of his. The way the Gujarat machinery works, it would be great if India could be like that. We would be that Golden Bird once again people talked of and poets wrote about. I just hope that people don’t expect him to do everything in one day and just give him some time!

Production time
I am going to make a lot of movies. Ishq In Paris will not the only film I ever make. That was a great learning experience and very tough to make but I think I am ready to come back bigger, better and stronger.

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Preity Zinta puts films projects on hold for cricket

Preity Zinta is a busy lady, juggling her T20 team and under-wraps entrepreneur ventures at the same time. So much so that the actor hasn’t had time to shoot for her next film, starring Sunny Deol and has currently put the project on hold. “We have shot 50 per cent of the film. But now Bhaiyyaji Superhitt will have to wait for a little bit because I am going to South Africa. They can’t shoot right now, and then I will have the T20 tournament,” says Preity.

The actor is concentrating more on her business and wants to wrap up her international commitments, related to the venture, before the cricket tournament begins. So, she is not sure when she can start shooting again. “We started it around October last year and a film takes at least a year to be complete. Not every film is made in three months,” she says.

Preity has certainly not retired from acting and is already in talks for her film projects. “I have two films and will sign them soon. I can’t reveal anything about those films, but you will come to know soon. They are big projects,” says Preity.

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Preity Zinta back with Bhaiyyaji Superhit

After doing a cameo with Saif Ali Khan in the US for a film entitled Happy Ending, Preity Zinta is back in Mumbai “for good”.

She has resumed shooting in India with Neerraj Pathak’s Bhaiyyaji Superhit where in her own words she has a “damned interesting role” opposite Sunny Deol. For the first time, Preity gets to play a bonafide rustic character. And she’s working hard to clean herself of the subtle American twang she has acquired during her frequent visits to the US where her brother lives.

Last seen in her home-production Ishkq In Paris, the film’s failure left Preity disappointed but undeterred.

Now back in the thick of things Preity says, “I’ve been expanding my horizons, exploring new areas of work-related activity. That is difficult for a lot of my colleagues in Bollywood to understand. For them cinema is the sum-total of their activity. I didn’t want my life to be restricted to one vocation. I’ve done other things. Now I’m back being what I am most comfortable doing.”

Preity begins shooting for Bhaiyyaji Superhit in Udaipur this week. She plays a character from rural Uttar Pradesh.

Sunny Deol plays her husband.

“The reason why I am doing this role is because I find it damn interesting. I have never played someone quite like this woman. At this juncture of my career when I no longer need to depend on my film career for my livelihood, I can afford to do the roles that enthuses me.”

About the cameo she did in Saif’s film, Preity says, “It’s not just a song. It’s a role with speaking lines. In fact I still have a portion of it to shoot here in India. I did it for Saif who’s a dear friend.”


Fans have stood by us: Preity Zinta

Actor Preity Zinta, who co-owns the T20 team Kings XI Punjab, is thankful to her fans for their unconditional support even when the team was going through a rough phase last season.

“Going home to the Mohali ground is wonderful, and not for any other reason but for the fact that the crowd has stood by us even during our worst phase. There was a time when the team wasn’t doing well and even I didn’t have the inspiration to go and watch the game. But all the fans came. I love the Kings XI fans and hope we can win the cup for them,” said Preity, who was recently in the Capital for the Young Women Achievers Awards, organised by the Young FICCI Ladies Organisation.

When asked about her favourite city, the 38-year-old shared, “I have grown up in Delhi in a way and love the city, but Mumbai is my favourite. Delhi is clean, beautiful and the people are fabulous, but I do get a little nervous being all on my own here. In Mumbai, I can walk around alone but here I get scared. Having said that, there’s no place like Delhi.”

Preity also said that she’ll start shooting for her next film, Bhaiyyaji Superhitt, in July. As of now, she is busy with the T20 tournament and promoting her film, Ishkq in Paris. “I’ll take a month-long break after Ishkq in Paris and the T20 tournament. Then I’ll start shooting for Bhaiyyaji Superhitt in July,” she said.


Bhaiyyaji Superhitt shooting starts in July

Preity Zinta says she will start shooting her next film, Bhaiyyaji Superhitt, from July. As of now, she is busy with the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) and with the promotions of her film production, Ishkq in Paris. “I am doing Bhaiyyaji Superhitt. I will take a one-month break after, Ishkq in Paris, and IPL. We will start shooting from July,” she said at a press conference here Tuesday.

Bhaiyyaji Superhitt, to be directed by Neeraj Pathak, will see her opposite Sunny Deol. Preity said she is also a part of another project, but said,”We will wait for the producer to announce the details”.


Preity Zinta to play Sunny Deol’s wife

Preity Zinta who has lately been brushing up her French etiquettes now goes straight into the role of a firebrand Varanasi-based wife in Neeraj Pathak’s Bhaiyyaji Superhit.

Preity has been cast as a gangster’s daughter and Sunny Deol’s loud and aggressive wife, and she’d have to practise hard for her part. The role apparently requires her to talk fast in the local accent.

Says director Neeraj Pathak, “Preity plays a Varanasi ki ladki with a local accent. She is super-excited about the role.”

We’re just super-excited that Sunny has finally found a leading lady befitting his stature. Sunny paaji and Preity mademoiselle go back a long way, to Anil Sharma’s The Hero where she had played a Kahmiri girl.


Preity signs two more films after ‘Ishkq in Paris’

Preity Zinta, who is back to concentrating on films after a few years’ break, has signed two more films after “Ishqk In Paris”. “I have signed two more films, but I can’t talk about them right now. They will be announced soon,” said the 37-year-old actress. Buzz was that director Neeraj Pathak was waiting to sign her for his new film “Bhaiyyaji Superhit”.

Preity, who was last seen starring in the 2008 film “Heroes”, is currently shooting for her much-hyped comeback project “Ishqk in Paris”, which is her debut production as well. “I am currently very busy shooting for Ishqk in Paris, it is releasing on September 21,” she said. The romantic film is directed by Prem Soni. French actress Isabelle Adjani is also a part of the film, which will show Preity playing a Parisian woman.


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