I said seven years ago that Narendra Modi should be the Prime Minister: Preity Zinta

I am doing two films right now, one is called Bhaiyyaji Superhit and the other is Happy Ending, and I had nothing to do with what it’s called. It’s a film with Saif. You will be hearing about me doing some other movies soon but as of now, it’s just about the IPL and the elections. It’s the first time since 1984 — it’s been the most decisive elections for India with the BJP coming as the single largest party with such a big majority.

Politics and elections
I had said seven years ago that I would like to see Mr Modi as Prime Minister. I started off as his biggest critic. Post Godhra, there were only negative thoughts in my head about him being communal. But then when I started going to Gujarat to shoot etc and meeting other people there, especially the Muslims and the stories I heard from them and the development that I saw around them made me see him in a different light. And you know what? The Supreme Court has given him a clean chit so who are we to judge? If the highest court in the country says something we must go by that, and secondly, it’s not the first time that we have had riots in India. We have had riots from 1984 to Kashmiri Pandit issues to the Godhra riots to the Muzaffarnagar riots – we have had all these issues but who, after falling down so badly, has gotten up and taken care of his state and done something for the people? So that means that there’s a future with this person and that was the only reason that I really started leaning towards him and becoming a fan of his. The way the Gujarat machinery works, it would be great if India could be like that. We would be that Golden Bird once again people talked of and poets wrote about. I just hope that people don’t expect him to do everything in one day and just give him some time!

Production time
I am going to make a lot of movies. Ishq In Paris will not the only film I ever make. That was a great learning experience and very tough to make but I think I am ready to come back bigger, better and stronger.

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Preity meets with the Chief Minister of Gujurat, Narendra Modi

Between the (hectic) shooting of Ishkq in Paris, Preity met up with CM of Gujurat recently. Watch the video above to know more.

New Interview with PZ

Narendra Modi should be the PM of India


• You are looking like a million bucks after having lost so much weight. Raaz kya hai?
I hit the gym frequently. I exercise for one hour, five times a week. I am back from a skiing trip, so that too has helped. Also, I am going to face the camera very soon (smiles).

• Do you follow any dos and don’ts to maintain your figure?
Don’t eat anything and everything on weekdays. Eat on time. As for non-vegetarian food, I eat meat and chicken. I binge on Sundays- be it parathas, butter, paani puri or even Chinese food.

• You said you are getting ready to face the camera again. Is it for the Yash Raj Films? (Mumbai Mirror first broke the story on January 8, 2009)
(Does not answer)

• But not so long ago, you had told us that you want to be very selective as far as your roles are concerned.
That was last year. Every year I have a new mindset.

• What do you think about the recent releases?
I have been out of town. I only saw Slumdog Millionaire at the premiere and it’s an outstanding film. And I am ashamed to see in the film what our politicians have done to Mumbai- come live in the slums, vote for me and don’t forget that I brought you to Mumbai. And I know that all that Danny Boyle has shown is true. I will pray that A R Rahman wins an Oscar.

• You are known for openly talking about certain issues.
Now, I am sad and embarrassed to tell people that I am from Mumbai. I want to use this interview as a platform to tell people not to vote for politicians who are out to only create vote banks.

I want to know why so many illegal migrants are living in Mumbai? The other day somebody told me that a certain politician brings people in trucks and makes them stay all over the city. Why are Mumbaikars taking this.

• Do you plan to enter politics?
More than one party has asked me to stand in the forthcoming elections but I have no interest in politics. Every political party is the same. I am open to supporting someone but not a party. I don’t support Hindu Muslim politics. I certainly don’t support what happened in Godhra.

Even Narendra Modi must have realised this and it won’t happen again. Till last year, I didn’t support Modi but today I support him with all my heart. He should be India’s Prime Minister.

Look at how he has administered Gujarat. Every politician has something bad to his name but Modi is one politician who also has something good to his name. If we have five states like Gujarat, India will shine.

• Is marriage to Ness Wadia on the cards?
I didn’t hear you. What did you say? (shakes her head and laughs)


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