Preity on Abbas Tyrewala’s case

Preity Zinta says Abbas Tyrewala never worked for Ishkq In Paris. She plans to take strict action against the filmmaker for damaging her goodwill.

Preity Zinta might have failed to appear repeatedly before a Mumbai court that eventually ordered a non-bailable arrest warrant against her, but she made sure to present her side of the story.

Scriptwriter and filmmaker Abbas Tyrewala had knocked the court with a bounced cheque of over Rs 18 lakh which the actor allegedly gave him in lieu of dialogues he wrote for her debut production venture Ishkq In Paris. However, the 38-year-old actor has rubbished Tyrewala’s claims. According to her, he is lying simply because he never worked for her film. “He has lied and deposited a cheque that was supposed to be used only if he did work for us which he did not do. Neither did he sign any paper work nor did he do any work but took a cheque that was not meant to be taken. So we did stop payment and now he claims it to be bounced,” she clarified.

The actor claimed that all the members of the cast and crew were duly paid on time. “Every single person that has worked for us has been paid but I cannot pay someone for work he has not done.

He abused my goodwill and took a cheque which was supposed to be used only if he did work for us. I did not register a case of a stolen cheque as I did not want to embarrass him but now the matter is in court and its all there for anyone to see. If he has any proof of any paper work he has or any work he has done, he is most welcome to claim a payment,” she said.

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Sunshine girl Zinta is back in films

Preity Zinta is Bollywood’s equivalent of America’s sweetheart. She’s charming and exudes that best-friend vibe. Perhaps that’s why certain directors have categorically told her that she can never look poor on the big screen.

“They felt I had this westernized, urban image,” said Zinta in an interview with tabloid!

“Even if I did films such as Veer Zaara or Heaven On Earth, people still labelled me as that chirpy, modern girl. It’s a tag that stuck even if I did serious roles,” she added. Instead of resisting the tag, the 38-year-old actress is now capitalizing on that sunny image. After a gap of five years, Zinta turns producer with romantic drama Ishkq In Paris, for which she has co-written the script with director Prem Soni. “I play a career woman who’s not over-the-top bubbly. There’s a lot of depth in my role. Every girl out there will identify with my character,” said Zinta, who cautions us not to expect a typical Bollywood song-and-dance film.

“We have kept the film realistic. I have always wanted to make films of substance,” said Zinta. The movie stills may not scream realistic (think Zinta in winter-inappropriate mini-skirts in the streets of Paris), but the actress is confident about its success. The film also features French actress Isabelle Adjani.

“It has been an incredible journey. All that could go wrong in Paris went wrong. When we were shooting, it was the coldest winter in decades and it wasn’t easy. Our director was diagnosed with cancer and he lost his loved one, so it got delayed further. But when my mother saw the full film, she just hugged me and said she was proud of me because I had made a clean film. That felt good. All’s well that ends well.” said Zinta.

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‘Ishkq In Paris’ has scenes from Preity’s life

Preity Zinta says certain scenes in “Ishkq in Paris” are inspired by her life. The film also has bits from director Prem Raj’s life.

Talking about the film, she said: “(It) is not ispired from my life, but yes certain instances (are inspired from my life). I won’t lie about that.” “Not only mine, in fact it (film) has some bits from our director’s life (Prem Raj) and from my PR (public relations) officer’s life. I mean we have not left anyone,” Preity said here Friday while promoting the film.

In the film, Preity plays a half-Indian, half-French girl who falls in love in Paris, one of the most expensive cities in the world. She said “we have added something or the other from everybody’s life because I think somewhere art imitates life”. “Instead of taking from south Indian movies, English movies or European movies, we have been very true to ourselves,” Preity added.

There was a special reason why Paris was chosen as the city in focus. “Paris is a city known for two things – fashion and romance. So, to be fashionably in love, there is no other place to be in, but Paris,” said Preity.


Film production a thankless job: Preity

Actress Preity Zinta, who is gearing up for the release of her debut production venture ” Ishkq in Paris”, finds production work difficult. She says it’s more like crisis-management and is a thankless job.

“The toughest part was crisis-management. Production, of course, is a thankless job,” she said at a promotional event of the film. “What happens is that everybody’s problem is your problem. As an actor, you are used to isolating yourself. When you are on set, you just focus on your role and the rest doesn’t matter,” she added.

Preity said that whenever she tried to take some time for herself, someone or the other would come to her with a problem or more. “That time I was like, ‘God, why is it happening with me?’ But having said that, I like to multi-task and at the end of the day, I feel if you have taken on a certain responsibility, you should shoulder it,” she said.

Meanwhile, Preity, who also plays the main lead in the film, says the film is very contemporary and identifiable. “‘Ishkq in Paris’ is an identifiable film. It does not challenge your intelligence. It is coming out in 2013 and has the persona of today’s people,” she said.


‘Saiyaan’ – Ishkq in Paris (promo)

Just two days left for the release of Ishkq in Paris! To keep you sweet, a new promo is out of the song Saiyaan. It is sung beautifully by Nusret Ali Khan. What do you think? Make sure you catch Ishkq in Paris this Friday in a cinema near you! Let me know what you think.

Preity Zinta: A Woman with Heart and Spunk

It’s official now: Preity Zinta has oodles of heart, and her gutsy attitude is there for all to see. Not all would put their maiden production’s release on hold — that too for over six months — for a director undergoing medical treatment for cancer.

Zinta stood by Prem Raj as he went through his low phase and treatment, preferring to lose money but standing by the man with whom she had started her new journey.This interview was conducted on the eve of her film’s release in 2012, just before things went wrong. Excerpts from it follow.

What would you say if asked whether ‘Ishkq In Paris’ is your comeback?
I would argue with you on the word! C’mon yaar, I was only off films for two years — “Heroes” and “The Last Lear” were released in 2008 and “Videsh”/”Heaven On Earth” in 2009 in India, so you cannot call my film “Ishkq In Paris” a comeback. I am not coming back after 10 or 15 years, and I had not left films. It’s just that at that time I was not getting roles of my liking, so I decided to get into IPL (Indian Premier League) and thought that since it was a new zone, I should learn more about it and concentrate on that.

You are looking younger and fresher.
(Laughs) I am rejuvenated after my break, have lost 10 kilos, and I am very excited. Everything feels new! I did not miss films in this period because I was learning new things. I am now also planning to fulfill my late dad’s wish to start a sports school, which needs three things — time, inclination and financial ability — all of which I have now!

How much of your life is planned?
I never plan! I prefer to flow with the tide. But I am a risk-taker by nature. I never thought that I would become an actor, as I wanted to do criminal psychology. I also wanted to be, since childhood, a truck driver, the prime minister and an air hostess! (Laughs again) When mom saw some hints in my persona and asked me if I wanted to be an actress, I told her, “Never!”

Another kink I have is that I get hell bent on doing anything when people tell me I am not suited for it or advise me, “Yeh mat kar (don’t get into this),” like the IPL business.

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‘Teri Choodiyan’ – Ishkq in Paris (promo)

What a catchy song is Teri Choodiyan! I can understand why Preity got so excited when the trailer was being made. In the promo you also see a few glimpses of Isabelli Adjani. I am very curious how her character is devolping in the movie. There is still eight more days left for the release of Ishkq in Paris! I can not wait! What is your take on the new promo?

Rhehan Malliek on working with Preity Zinta in ‘Ishkq in Paris’

Preity is great and I was lucky to do film with her. Apart from being a huge star she is a fine actor, Preity tells me: “What I have learnt in 10 years will teach you”.


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