Preity Zinta to play Sunny Deol’s wife

Preity Zinta who has lately been brushing up her French etiquettes now goes straight into the role of a firebrand Varanasi-based wife in Neeraj Pathak’s Bhaiyyaji Superhit.

Preity has been cast as a gangster’s daughter and Sunny Deol’s loud and aggressive wife, and she’d have to practise hard for her part. The role apparently requires her to talk fast in the local accent.

Says director Neeraj Pathak, “Preity plays a Varanasi ki ladki with a local accent. She is super-excited about the role.”

We’re just super-excited that Sunny has finally found a leading lady befitting his stature. Sunny paaji and Preity mademoiselle go back a long way, to Anil Sharma’s The Hero where she had played a Kahmiri girl.



2 Responses to Preity Zinta to play Sunny Deol’s wife

  1. Akaash says:

    Dont forget Farz 😉
    I really can’t wait for this!! Seems like her role be that of a laugh riot! 🙂

    • Perez says:

      Even I was skeptical about Preity doing a movie with Sunny Deol; but i relaise ultimately if the script of the film is great, it wont matter whether it is Sunny Deol or ShahrukhKhan!
      I’m so excited for this film because Preity, I think, would be in indian wear- sari or punjabi dresses. And her role- voracious aggressive varanasi lady!!!! gangster ki daughter!!!

      Preity has looked the best in HEROES (2008) and i think she will once again look great in Bhaiyyaji Superhit!

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