Preity Zinta

A woman, a daughter, the actor you can name anything and Preity Zinta will be able to make every word come true. Preity Zinta, an inspiration for millions fans around the globe. The same inspiration to make a site for her and maintain it with heart and soul. It is the love I have for Preity. But what makes Preity Zinta so loved? Where is she from? What made her the person she is today?

Born in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, Preity Zinta studied at the Convent of Jesus and Mary School in Shimla. Her father, Durganand Zinta, was an officer in the Indian Army. He died when Preity was thirteen, in a car accident in which her mother, Nilprabha Zinta, was also involved but survived. Zinta has two brothers, Deepanker Zinta and Manish Zinta, a year older and a year younger respectively. One of her brothers is a commissioned officer in the Indian Army. Initially she was to do English honours but decided to pursue Psychology. After getting a degree in Criminal Psychology at the St. Bedes College, Zinta began her career as a model and commercial (ad films) actress and was seen in the Liril’s soap ad film.

Zinta made her acting debut in Dil Se in 1998 followed by a role in Soldier the same year. These performances earned her a Filmfare Best Female Debut Award, and she was later recognized for her role as a teenage single mother in Kya Kehna (2000). She subsequently played a variety of character types, and in doing so has been credited with changing the image of a Hindi film heroine.

Zinta received her first Filmfare Best Actress Award in 2003 for her performance in the drama Kal Ho Naa Ho. She went on to play the lead female role in two consecutive annual top-grossing films in India: the science fiction film Koi… Mil Gaya, her biggest commercial success, and the star-crossed romance Veer-Zaara, which earned her critical acclaim. She was later noted for her portrayal of independent, modern Indian women in Salaam Namaste and Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, top-grossing productions in overseas markets. These accomplishments have established her as a leading actress of Hindi cinema.

In addition to movie acting, Zinta has written a series of popular columns for BBC News Online South Asia, is a regular stage performer, and along with ex-boyfriend and partner Ness Wadia she is a co-owner of the Indian Premier League cricket team Kings XI Punjab. She is known in the Indian media for publicly speaking her mind and openly expressing her opinions, occasionally sparking controversy. These controversies include her being the only witness not to retract in court her earlier statements against the Indian mafia during the 2003 Bharat Shah case, for which she was awarded the Godfrey Phillips National Bravery Award. |Source|

Preity say’s she will be shooting for movies after the IPL 2011. She finished her host duties for Guinness World Records – Ab India Todega on Colors TV. Her next adventure as a host was short after finishing GWR. She became a chat show host for Up Close and Personal with PZ n UTV Stars. Both shows are planned to return with a second season.

Preity is currently busy preparing for her next release: Ishkq in Paris which she will be producing as well. The movie is stated to release on June 29th, 2012 worldwide.

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95 Responses to Preity Zinta

  1. romye says:

    preity zinta “ur my fev.model & i luv ur all pictures & movie dear bye tc..

  2. prashanth says:

    dear,preity i love u sooooo much.ur so polite and ur coool without any tenions in life . im {one of}the greatest fan of u .ur sooo pretty.ur ambitions r great i like the way u live .ur honest about u ur daring .I LOVE U .UR IN MY HEART.I LIKE MOST IN U IS UR CUTE SMILE.

  3. Altu says:

    Hi i m the most craziest fan of yours

  4. Cristy says:

    i very like you on Kal Ho Naa Ho Film..

    you look so smart and profsnal on tha film..
    with SRK..

    be d`best..

  5. SEHAR says:

    hi preity …i m ur biggest fan in da world…….LOVE U ALOT…….

  6. Rocy says:

    i love u so much.i m a grt fan of urs.

  7. jaeveersinh rathore says:

    i fight for u wid ma frnds if they make fun of u its just make ma head turn into a fire boiler i just cant xpess ma feeling,,,u make me feel very diff from other as u r ma favourite heroine for which i feel proud luv u a lot ma star keeping goin n keep rocking…hav a smile pls…as i mean n matter nothing to u but u mean a lot…lots of luv from this one of ur fan.

  8. mohona says:

    hi preity……i’m ur biggest fan…u r soooooooooooooo sweet…ur smile is awesome…u r such a nice actress….luv u lot.

  9. bill's says:

    hy pretyyyyy……..
    ur voice makes me made

    i like you a lot

  10. Kirtan Thaker says:

    Hey Preity..M your bigest me I never miss any of your movies. U got a lovely smile with a most cute dimple on your chin..u rock!..lots of love to

  11. sushma says:

    hi preity…………u r soooooooooooooo sweet…ur smile is awesome…i like ur chulbully attitude……….u rockssssss……….im waiting 4 ur upcoming movies

  12. Charitha says:

    hey sweety u r da best!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. kaushik shanthan says:

    hi………preity zinta……i’m ur fan frm d age of13…..big fan….my wish is i wanna talk to u atleast one day……i knw its nt quite possible…..but ll try fr it..i knw its quite nt possible……….but ll try fr it…….bcoz its u….

  14. elnaz says:

    Hi my love preity.
    I love you verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry much
    kiss kiss

  15. Preshanth Ramdhin says:

    Hii From friendly South Africa!

  16. R.Z.FAKRI says:

    dear,preity i love u sooooo much.ur so polite and ur coool without any tenions in life . im {one of}the greatest fan of u .ur sooo pretty.ur ambitions r great i like the way u live .ur honest about u ur daring .I LOVE U .UR IN MY HEART.I LIKE MOST IN U IS UR CUTE SMILE.

  17. Dj Buland says:

    hi prierty i’m your biggest fan in the world
    i like your style and lovely smile you are so sweeeeeeeeeeeet
    because you are a beautiful girl in the world
    God bless u bye take care

  18. Nahid Zaman says:

    HI Preity, You r my fave. Your smile is the thing I mosty like in you.
    You r cute & innocent….
    To me, Veer-Zaara is the best movie where u act…

  19. jamil ahmad khan says:

    salam, how r u khush hot hon aap ko dekh k.this is my nmbr plz contact me,**********

  20. jayesh says:


  21. nora macayan says:

    Mabuhay Ka! PREITY. That’s men’s Hello to U. in my native language. And it’s a warm greetings wishing U good too. It’s Me NORA, ur biggest Filipino fan.

  22. Djeddi omar says:

    You are the best actress in the world, and a decision on those print and I always Meki

  23. kyo says:

    im ur fans from malaysia..juz wanna wishing u, have a gorgeous day and wish u success always..muah2..xoxo..(really like ur acting)

  24. Lovemeet Singh says:

    U R Beautifull !
    Sohni Kuri

  25. Nitish says:

    I really love u preity zinta!!.i m a big fan of u.I love all ur movies and anything related 2 u.

    I am ur fan when i saw u first tym in soldier.
    u look the cutest. ur smile,ur dimple, ur looks r just awesome!!Everything abt u i like it very much…..

    best of luck 4 ur future………

  26. DINEH MATHUR says:


  27. preity fan says:

    i love you preity zinta you are the best from all i love you and you are so sweet when you laugh xD but you are very very very much beautiful an i love you i love u i love u

  28. Prashantt says:

    i love your that million dollar smile……………i m die heart fan of your…i love you……

  29. vini says:

    preity zinta u r sweetheart.i m big fan of ur.

  30. AHAD says:

    Hi PZ !

    GOOD LUCK With your acting and keep doing the right things

    BEST wishes


  31. preity via granger says:

    your beutyful, n my inspiration.your my idol.and………god bless you………i love you…….

  32. faraz enver says:

    i am your great are so beautiful,cute and pretty.i advise you to go to hollywood.

  33. WEEDIM BOY says:

    hi preity i hope you see this

    i am not just a fan ( i dont now what to say )


    my dreem is just take apic. with you

  34. CUTE says:


  35. Cumi Adja says:

    Preity, you are being the most beautiful god.

    ure the best

  36. shahad says:

    You are the best ever in Bollywood because you are represented by an integrated and you not have recurring roles , so it’s various .

  37. munish says:

    few selfmade lines for priti zinta:chadtay hey suraj ki roshni teri aankhoon main,doobtay huey suraj ki laalee tere gaaloon pai.tere husn ki loo sai chand bhi sharmaa gaya,woh tuut taa hua sitaraa bhi roshni paa gaya….

  38. mayank rajput says:

    hi preity this is mayank from nainital.You are the best actress in the world. u r so beautiful & cute.i m ur big fan.i pray to god that u achive all what u want in ur life.i want 2 frndship with u…………………………

  39. Shaan1988 says:

    I love u……………………………..ur the best……

  40. nidhi khanna says:

    we miss u dear please come back with another block buster like veer zaara………………

  41. navi sharma says:

    i love you preity you are my beat … ever….. i don’t have any words. i love you more. anyone else. xoxoxox. muuahhhh

  42. vinay says:

    Best beautiful actress .

  43. Dawa says:

    Ur awesome..just can wish to meet u once..but i know its just a dream…just dreamin…

    Wish u luck..

  44. shirin says:

    preity you are an example for all the woman around the world to teach man how to be a confident woman !!!!!
    by not trying hard to fall in love with only your feminine side .

    this is what all the women in Bollywood,hollywood should be !!
    Nobody in the world I think has such passion for making other people feel happy ,and smile you bring sun shine to my house every time I look at you .
    and my name is Shirin I am Iranian BTW 25 female and I grew up with bollywood music I love it .I listen and watch Indian movies with all my heart .and I wanted to say also
    of all the female and non feminine fake actresses I’ve seen so far in India ,,,You are nothing like them at all ,YOu and yes it’s you … you are the one who’s absolutely beautiful in every way in every way !!!!!! so real and so warm ,kind hearted ,Non evil ,naturally feminine and beautful But most of all original human being I’ve ever seen in my entire life .I love you so much .
    … you have got the whole package of how to be a good human that’s why we can’t get enough of you .
    ignore the animal side of other people in bollywood we support you and stay behind your positive existence . may god protect you my angel and I will always pray for you to be happy as you are and enjoy life ….!
    lol you might now say ok ok please stop it , I’m getting shy or you;ve heard all this before but come one let’s be honest why should we lie .still this comment wouldn’t be enough we love you girl !!!
    I pray for you to be healthy and 2b always surrounded by love
    I believe in you preity and I will always love you .for who you are .

    one of your fans
    your sister from Uk

  45. Farisha says:

    hi u r so cute yar wanna c u sme day on reality yar cn u send m ur all kinds of photospliz

  46. Aarush Kumar says:

    Dear Priety

    Hi , You are the best girl and a good actrees. Do you know I am the biggest fan of yours. I like you very much. You will be surprise to know that I also want to be a famous bollywood Actor. I am from MOTHER MIRACLE SCHOOL IN RISHIKESH. I know you like Rishikesh. I invtite you to come to our school and meet us on your birthday on 31st Janury. pLease COMe SOOOOOON. WiTH GOOD WISHES

    SACHIN ( Aarush )

  47. navi sharma says:

    hello preity.. how are you…. i am soooooooo big fan of you…….. i love your movies and i love the way you act….. i wanna meet you and i will… some day in my life. love ya mmmuuuaaahhhh…….

  48. MUZDALIFAH says:

    I LIKE YOU……………………
    I LOVE YU FULL………………

  49. chanky says:

    Hi…i PZ ……. hw r u ? i m a craziest fan of urs ……. nd i love ur dimples ……… always keep smiling …….

  50. Rohit Halan says:

    I love you Prity Zinta i love her smile my favorite heronie

  51. Gaurav Thakur says:

    Advance happy birthday,dear. may god give u great success and happiness in life………………….

  52. mehtaab says:

    i wish to meet you

  53. Gaurav Thakur says:

    Happy birthday, dear. may god give u great success and happiness in life. and plz continuous doing films. i am waiting for ur film. and best of luck for IPL-3

  54. Gaurav Thakur says:

    Hi sweetie……………………… again and again happy birthday, have a wonderful year……………………………………. Always keep smiling…………………………………………….

    Gaurav Thakur

  55. abowa7id says:

    i love you preity i from egypt

  56. MADHU says:


  57. KUWAIT GIRL says:

    HEY queen preity

    i love you very very much and you have many fans in kuwait

    realy you a nice person and Excellent actrees plz make a new

    movie I miss you and i hope you do many of the interviews i like

    to see you And I hope to find channels Hendeh We do not have

    only one I watched youtube and inform you of the internet I

    feel I am stupid because I said Malk, but I really love you and

    you are a million times better than kareena ,love you And

    remember you are the best

  58. KUWAIT GIRL says:

    HEY queen preity

    i love you very very much and you have many fans in kuwait

    realy you a nice person and Excellent actrees plz make a new

    movie I miss you and i hope you do many of the interviews i like

    to see you And I hope to find channels Hendeh We do not have

    only one I watched youtube and inform you of the internet I

    feel I am stupid because I said Malk, but I really love you and

    you are a million times better than kareena ,love you And

    remember you are the best

  59. AAQIB AMEEN says:

    How r is life been going…any new prayer for season 3…wish u happiness n successful always,take u loads..miss ur movies………

  60. Yoganand says:

    I like the way you are ……

  61. AMIT says:

    by some angles u look my luv, i like ur pic and movies very much, and my luv like bret lee and u lee belongs to same ipl team so we r the biggest fans of KINGS 11 PUNJAB

    best of lick for IPL 03

    bye tc
    keep smiling as u always with ur cute dimples

  62. paulomi says:

    u r a real woman

  63. asif says:

    i love prity

  64. arvind says:




  65. santanu says:

    preity ur every thing is very preity.plz come in again bollywood with ur past success form…………

  66. Akash Arora says:

    Hello Priety,

    Its not about being your FAN but I like your dimples and your smile… specially when you love living the way God designed for a girl like you.

    Love you… and please take care…

  67. Srishti says:

    Iove your dimplies are so sweet. I saw you on lift kara de and i wish you were on every day. I get dimples but not like yours. please please please! email me back! i love u preity

    love, Srishti Shrivastav

  68. Sameer says:

    Hello, preity how r u?
    I like u very much…. Your face is very similar to my sister.

    Fan no. 1st

  69. laxmi says:

    Hi preity u r verry sweet n lovely tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  70. Rabi says:

    want u 2 know am 1 of those crazy fan of urs.try an b who u ar dont change.

  71. Hassan says:

    U are my best actress

  72. Udari says:

    Just Best of luck my dear……….

  73. roton says:

    I love you very much.You look so so beautiful.You are my favourite actress.

  74. swastika k.c says:

    hi priety i love your dimple and your acting you have done great acting in kal ho na ho please do flim i want to see.bye

  75. ashiesh says:

    Luv ya }{

  76. KASHISH says:

    hi priety i love your dimple and your acting you have done great acting in kal ho na ho please do flim i want to see.bye

  77. hi priety main tum se aur sirf tum se payar kerta hoon , koi aur kuri meri ankhon main chajti nahi hai . mughe koi pal sakoon nai hai . mughe yad rakhna aise jaise main tumhe yad rakhta hoon . yad hai tm ko k ek bar tm ne mera nam b pukara tha film hero main , jahan tm ne kaha tha k main us ka ahsaan kabi nahi bhool sakti to mera nam ahsaan hai , us din mughe buhat khushi hoi thi

  78. sara says:

    <ove u preity ur awesome actresssssssssssss love ur dimples & ur actinggggggg my fav actress

  79. Kathleen says:

    Preity, I am a nurse practitioner from the United States. I read about you adopting 34 girls in India on the BBC website. I don’t usually comment on fan web sites and I have never seen one of your movies, but I was brought to tears by the wonderful gift of a good life that you have given these girls. It is heartwarming to know that there are people like you in this crazy and often cruel world. My brother adopted two children from Nepal and one from China. I have always been supportive of him doing this and am proud of him for giving them a better life…but 34? Wow! Your generosity in doing this is something I will not soon forget! I wish you the best always.

  80. ana says:

    i love you priety u r the best…………..

  81. hi preity goooooood moooooooooooooooorning

  82. smile is special person that are you

  83. Sumit Mathur says:

    Sorry for being the last person to wish You…
    Many Many Happy Returns of the Day..!!!!!!
    Wish You a very very “Happy Birthday”………!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. subash lama says:

    hi i love your smile

  85. kashi says:

    my hearts desire to meet u in my life

  86. Mahesh.Rathod says:

    hi prity didi how r u? I m mahesh from surat gujrat. U r very beautifull

  87. Tatiana says:

    I love pritey are Taniusha from Moldova. I love you and you’re super.kisss I love you !!!!

  88. U ar number one Indian super star. God bless u.

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