Quotes By and On Preity

By Preity Zinta

Personal Statements

“Love is always real and true love is even more real!”

“To act, you must know pain. You must know what it means to be in love, what it means to be rejected.”

“I am proud to be part of today’s Bollywood. I love dancing and lip synching to our songs.”

“Even a correct decision is wrong when it is taken 2 late.Vision without action is daydreaming & action without vision is a nightmare!”

“I want to bring a change and do something new and different in my profession, but in the beginning I’ll have to toe line, I want to be known as a performer not a star.”

“A couple of things-intelligence, self-esteem; I like men who are sure of themselves and not just weathercocks and most importantly, integrity. Common sense and humour also help.”

“You know what’s the worst part about being an actress? It’s the pressure to look gorgeous all the time and to behave perfectly. But I’m not perfect, nobody is.”

“The Fastest way to make you dream come true is to wake up!”

“I’ve always been a very spontaneous person in my decisions. The fact that I jumped into cricket so quickly, that’s a very big decision at the peak of your career. Not think and go. I got into films also like that without thinking too much. I think I believe in destiny and that’s why I leave everything on it”

“To be brave is not to be fearless. It is when you fear and you get over it, then you can be called brave.”

“Success and failures are part of life and just the way you claim success you must claim your failures also”

On preventing AIDS:
“In India, the film industry has incredible influence and reach. So does cricket—the most popular sport in my country. If we succeed in using both mediums to spread awareness around HIV prevention, we will not just have healthier populations, but more caring ones too”

On size-zero:
“For normal people, it is very unfair to keep saying ‘size zero is beautiful’. Being overweight is not good because it is bad for your health. There is no such thing that this is the only size.”

“I feel really bad for the normal people because their pressure is – ‘If you eat this diet, you will look like her’, which is really wrong, you can’t look like anyone else,”

Lessons I have learnt
Comment: How dumb can you get

On Stars

Ness Wadia: “Ness’ style is effortless and comfortable. It’s nice to hear that he has won this poll. I sure am smiling—I am not one bit surprised by this news.”

Kareena Kapoor:“Saif is my best friend and I have to be nice to you” (jokingly)

Celina Jaitley: “Celina was the little baby on the tour. In fact, Celina hung out much more with us than Sushmita ever did. Celina was more like, ‘Let’s do this, and let’s do that’. So everyone was very warm to her and we all made an effort to get to know her better. In LA, Saif, Roza, Celina and me got together and hung out. I can assure you no one ganged up against Celina because she is really sweet.”

Salman Khan: “Salman at heart is one of the nicest guys I know in the industry, and even outside it”

Mahatma Gandhi:
“The best quality of our father of the nation was his perseverance. Gandhiji was a great finisher of whatever he set out to achieve and he did it with patience and determination.

His resilience was also amazing. I feel great that I belong to the nation which brought forth a great personage like Mahatma Gandhi, who had the temerity to accomplish what many at that point thought was a pipe dream – driving the British out of our country.

As for his policy of non-violence, I can’t possibly imitate it. I remember when I was a child and ran to complain to dad about my brothers hitting me, my father told me not to stay silent but to go and hit my brothers back!

I am basically a non-violent person till you step on my toes. I am sorry to say this and please do not think that I am supporting the path of violence for the youth of this country, but if I were slapped, instead of showing the other cheek, like Gandhiji had advocated, I’d break the hand of the person who slapped me! I’d do it without thinking of the consequences.”

On Vidya Balan
“I think she (Vidya Balan) is a fabulous actress. What’s wrong with her? There is always a rule – it takes one to lead and rest to follow. The choice you have to make is whether you are a leader or a follower.I think Vidya Balan is beautiful, she is gorgeous and she is a fabulous actor.”

On Surily Goel
“Surily is one of my favourite designers. She is a versatile designer. She intelligently experiment with fabrics and thread work and truly knows what works best with the women. I always look forward to Surily’s designs as they are perfect mix of right colours, fabrics and designs”

On Preity Zinta


Lina Tipnis (designer): “Best celeb fashion? Shobha De, Preity Zinta in her Ascot Derby look. Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan.”

People Magazine
“People magazine has dubbed Preity The Fashionista, thanks to her trendy outfits at the movies, and on the red carpet.”

Sujata Reddy (designer)
Who do you think is the most well dressed actor and actress?
“Ranbir Kapoor and Preity Zinta.”

Priyanka Chopra (actress)
Who do you think are the most fashionable people in the film industry?
“Among the females, Preity Zinta has a great dressing sense (..)”

Anushkha Sharma (actress)
Most stylish actor: Preity Zinta. She has a very individualistic sense of style.


Deepha Mehta (director) from Heaven On Earth
“Preity is exceptional and simply mind-blowing in the film. It’s a forceful performance which is honest, grounded and doesn’t feel like a performance – which is an ultimate compliment I can give to an actor.”

Vansh Bhardwaj (co-star in Heaven On Earth)
“Preity helped me throughout the shooting. I was at ease and very comfortable working with her. She never made me feel that I was working with such a big celebrity.Also, I’m thankful to her because in a scene where I had to slap her, she made me feel so much at ease. I was quite tense before the shot but she made me feel better,”

Lara Dutta (co-star in Jhoom Barabaar Jhoom)
“she is one of the sweetest persons I have ever worked with. Normally people assume that two actresses cannot get on with each other and that we’d step over each other’s toes, which we literally did!
Both of us were in agony as we kept on stepping over each other’s feet while shooting for the grand finale. But we had fun and having that female company on the sets was nice. She is superbly talented and a joy to watch and learn from and I think she completely rocks.”


Katrina Kaif (actress)
“I would like to say that Preity is one actress who’s fun to work with. She has the exceptional quality in her that allows you to really trust her.”

“Yes, I really like Preity, and I think the feeling is mutual. The common belief that actresses can’t be friends isn’t so true after all. We both like hanging out together, we like chatting, and we even love shopping together. Preity is such a warm and lovely person, she’s unaffected by what people are thinking.”

Kajol (actress) on Manish Malhotra’s show
The sweetest actress?
Preity Zinta without hesitation


10 Responses to Quotes By and On Preity

  1. Kanwal Nain Singh says:

    hi preity.Sat Sri Akaal. you r my preety woman. u r the most decent,sweet,fashionable actress in the world. i like u for ur really cute smile. actually u r my cutie pie. hun gal kariye apni team di KingsXI Punjab. al the best for ipl-2 in SA. I m waiting for the video of our team. kadon kar rahe ho launch.

    last but not the least Good Luck & keep up the good work.

  2. ilham says:

    hi……… im very happy see preity cute smile….
    i love you…………

    • Sadanand Singh says:

      Hi Preity di aap indore kab aaoge. Please ek chance to dijiye aap se milne ke liye. Aap ne to har city ghoom chuki hai, to please ek baar indore bhi aa jaiye.

      Your’s lovingly fan

      Sadanand Singh

  3. swapnil says:

    hi preity, its happning again to see you on 70mm screen. please find some time for ur fans and make appearances….loveeeeeee youuuuuuuuu

  4. Sharjeel Zakir says:

    Mad Lover Not Fan

  5. hello preeti jab tumhara soldier dekha laga ki tum meri sabse favorate actress ho tum latur kab aaogi

  6. pARMOD KUMAR says:



  8. ekta says:

    i iuv prity’s smile

  9. DESI miss PZ says:

    i really like u so much since was kids and now i’m 20 years old.. My dream high’s hope oneday i can to meet you and PZ-di hope u will know me in ur life, thanx di I’m always miss u forever 🙂

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