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The site is running and up, wondered who made this all possible? The own stars behind the site, please read further to know more!

I am writing this to let you all know who is behind all this Preity Zinta work. I maintain everything on the site, including the Youtube, Facebook and Twitter page. It sounds a lot, but I love doing it. It is my love for Preity Zinta! I am a power woman with balance, being at university and maintaining the site. How in the world do I get it combined? Well one word: dedication

I became a Preity fan during her ravishing success days after the release of Kal Ho Naa Ho. Yes, I know… I got dragged into the “Preity is a great actress” hype. I was looking the net over for pictures and I collected over million pictures on my computer. How freaky is that. When I look back, what was I thinking? The day I lost those files, was when my computer crashed for the third time. (even the third time I managed to collect zillion photos of PZ). But then I watched her interviews, saw what her purpose was, got to know her personality through interviews and I was stunned?! I mean, I felt so connected to her. I am lucky enough to share the same star sign with her (birthday: Jan. 27th). But the way she looks at things, woman, freedom, opinion. I AM LIKE THAT TOO! Yes, I have humor too and I get dragged into SOCCER games. I love soccer, it is so fun!

This site is a dedication for someone I admire and look up to. A woman, I want to become later in life. Every time someone leaves this site I get nothing but left overs and somehow I still manage to create spectacular stuff. How is it possible? I even don’t have a clue. But I have an answer… it’s faith and not giving up. I have a purpose and I am after my purpose. – yes, I am getting there- My purpose is that from all you millions fans out there of Preity I want to stand out and sparkle. Sparkle for Preity and supporting her, because she is an amazing person with an AMAZING personality. Did I said that she is fabulous?!

To be serious, I can not express how much I look up to her. I am not a blind fan, I keep it realistic. I have one life, I am enjoying it, loving it. I have great people around me. I love all your support for the site, I truly do. It means the world to me to see people loving the site. It feels great to share hard work with others that people can enjoy. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 🙂

I will always put my very best for the site and the woman I admire for being herself. Less people can go and show the world who they really are. Preity is one of a kind.

I want to thanks the following people in special:

You are there for me whenever I need you and you are flying high with the updates. Thanks for your constant support and motivation to make the site the best. I love you a lot!

Thanks for helping me starting up the blog, you are still even if you are not around at PZFC a great friend of mine!

Sarah from Kajol Mania
Thank you Sarah for providing the site with amazing scans, you were the first people I really could count on.

Vani from Hrithik Rules
Like Sarah I can count on you, always in a mood for a good chat. Check her gorgeous website out on Hrithik Roshan! It is a must!

Thank you for supporting the site with all the Preity stuff you find. A very big hug your way sweetheart.

You were always there when I needed you! Thank you for the main contributions in the magazine section.

Zeineb from Kareena Online
Zeineb, what I can write about you! I have so much to write on you. You are always ready to help me with my silly questions. Thank you for not laughing at me!

You started the site and were the driven force behind PZFC. Thanks for trusting to handle the site. You have been graceful towards me and keep supprting me with every question I have. Thank you Angelo!

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