“I have been travelling, but now I am back in India”

Preity Zinta, who has been travelling (mostly to Los Angeles) abroad and hardly spends time in the country, surfaced recently at a Glamour and Style Awards event.

When asked about her take on fashion, glamour and style, the peppy actress said, “It is important to be fashionable and stylish but I think you wear the style, the style should not wear you. As long as you are comfortable in what your are wearing, it defines who you are.”

Preity further said that being stylish is more important to her than being glamorous and fashionable. “Because style is an attitude. Fashion is more related to clothes. Sometimes you may wear simple jeans and white t-shirt or you wear the simplest of outfit but if the style is within you, it is inherent in you then it will show and it is not necessary that fashionable clothes make you look better.” When asked about her rare public appearance, Preity said, “That is because I have been traveling, but now I am back, I am back in India.”



Preity at Satya Shaw’s Diwali Event

Preity celebrated Diwali with NRI’s in the U.S. Here, Preity is attending one of a her scale of events. She wore a gorgeous golden embroidered anarkali. Check out the gallery for more photos and let me know what you think!

Much thanks to Shriyan Photography for capturing the beautiful Preity. Check out his website for more photos from the event.

Preity at The 16th Mumbai Film Festival – Day 5

Last weekend Preity attended the Mumbai Film Festival. She wore a red kurta by Sabyasachi. Click here for more photos.

Preity casts her for vote for the 2014 Elections

Everyone in India who can vote, should vote! Make a difference for your country. Today Preity casted her vote in Mumbai. She flew especially from the UAE to Mumbai to make sure she voted.

Preity’s appearances in the United States

Preity was working her ass off recently during her trip in the United States. She made many appearances on festivals and lot’s of fans got a chance to meet her. I have added a whole unch of photos from those appearance. Check them out! Can you keep up?

Preity at the India Fair
Preity judging the Miss Bollywood Austin 2014 pageant
Preity at Miss Bollywood Houston 2014
Preity at the Asian Wedding Expo
Preity at IIFA 2014 press conference in Flordida

Preity’s Bridal Editorial

During her stay in the United States, Preity shot for an bridal editorial campaign. I have added the photo’s from these shoots for you in the gallery. Check them out and let me know what you think of them! She looks stunning isn’t it?

Preity’s attendance at the Spring Charity Ball

On March 1, Preity will be in California to appear on the Spring Charity Ball at the India Community Center. For tickets (includes a meet and greet with Preity!), please proceed to this website. Keep us tuned, if you plan to go!

*Update: Check out photos from the event here.

Preity at the IPL Auction 2014

The last two days has been a days with sleepness nights for Preity, because of the IPL Auctions held in Bangalore. Check out photos from the auction on day 1 and day 2. Nevertheless, Preity reveals she is happy with her team:

“I’m very happy with my team. We knew exactly who we wanted and we’re glad to have got a lot of them. Shawne Punjab is back and he’s our boy. Last time, a lot of people said there are hardly any Indian players in the Punjab team. So, we decided on taking on our boys.”

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