Full Name: Preity Zinta ></a></p> <p><b>Profession:</b> Actress</p> <p><b>Star Sign:</b> Aquarius</p> <p><b>D.O.B:</b> 31st Jan 1975</p> <p><b>Height:</b> 5'5<br /> <b><br /> Know For:</b> Her Gorgeous Smile</p> <p><b>Debut Film:</b> Dil Se</p> <p><b>First Hit Film:</b> Soldier</p> <p><b>Most memorable moment to date:</b> I think when I got a slap on my bottom when I was born. Awareness, 'I've arrived'!</p> <p><b>Ambition:</b>

Plus Point: “I am easy to work with and get along well with almost everybody.”

Minus Point: “My Hindi direction is screwed up, I blink too much and I have no technical knowledge of film making.”

Colour which defines me: “Electric blue – it’s so energizing.”

Most Often Used Word: “I am versatile. I don’t repeat myself.”

As an Actress: “I want to be like Sridevi & I want to do both glamorous and non-glamorous roles like Manisha Koirala, I don’t want to called just a pretty bimbo.”

Idols: “Guru Dutt, Madhubala, Waheeda Rehman and Sridevi.

I came on Earth as: “A love child.”.

I get turned on by: Raw Emotion

I Dig: Ice-Creams

I Confess: I’m not perfect

I want to possess: A Villa in the South of France.

I maintain myself by: Do you think I’m maintained?

I’m the biggest fan of: Al Pacino

What fascinates me: Nature

My relationship with God: He’s on my team

Favorite perfume: Envy, Gucci for Men

Favorite commercial: Lee Cooper Jeans.

Favorite outfit: String pajamas.

School was: A beautiful Memory

My craziest fan: I don’t know yet

Most memorable holiday: I’ve taken tons of holidays and they’ve all been memorable. Australia, Hawaii and Europe are my favorites.

Favorite dish: My all-time favorite is kadi-chawal.

Best place to eat: My mum’s kitchen.

Last words before sleep: Goodnight

My complete man should be: A Raymond man

I’d like to wake up: In the Afternoon

ON SCHOOL… : “I studied at the Jesus and Mary Shimla Convent School, and then I went to St Bedes College. I was always involved in elocution’s, dramatics, debates, basketball, which I loved. I had so much fun. We did the craziest things.

ON WHAT SHE WANTED TO BE… : Whenever I came across something that influenced me, I wanted to be that. So it varied from an astronaut, airhostess, army girl, to truck driver. Once, I wanted to be a nun – my mother wanted me to change schools after that…

ON STARDOM OVER TALENT… : Being a star is fabulous, but if you’re a good actress and a star, it’s a different thing altogether. It’s good acting that will stand out, rather than just star appeal. I want to be both – a good actress and a star..

Shekhar Kapur’s Tara Rum Pam Pam was the first film I signed. I met him and he asked me to audition. At that point, I wasn’t sure, so I said I didn’t really want to audition. But I did, and two weeks later, he called me and asked me to do the movie..

ON HOW THINGS TOOK OFF FROM THERE…: Then came Kya Kehna, actually I did a screen test for that with Akshaye Khanna. Then came Dil Se and Farz; Sangharsh came somewhere in the middle.

Well, I didn’t know all dimpled girls are natural flirts – I think I am a flirt if I like some one. Of course I am a flirt. Flirting is very healthy, for everybody, for your self-boost. It’s good for your ego, for the other person’s ego… But I also think it’s the woman’s prerogative to draw the line. So luckily, the ball is in my court, which I’m quite happy about. It’s a state of mind, when you’re happy you smile more. My whole family has dimples – my father did, my mom has a cleft.

ON SHOPPING…: Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! I’ve always been a shoe person – I love clothes and bags and belts, but shoes, I’ll die for. I love to buy shoes all the time!

ON FITNESS…: I used to be into fitness! In fact, I was really fit, but then during Sangharsh, I broke my leg and was bedridden for six weeks. All I could do was sit with my leg in plaster, and watch movies. Every movie I saw I wrote down on my plaster, so by the end of the six weeks, the plaster was full of movie titles. And I ate like a pig – just ate and ate and ate, watching three movies a day. I put on a lot of weight, after which I was shooting non-stop. Then I saw myself on screen and had a heart attack!

ON A COMING-OF-AGE EXPERIENCE…: I lost my father when I was 13-years-old. He was a great man, my father, and very intelligent. I love him very much. I believe it’s very important that parents have a personal connection with their children. It helps kids feel more secure, have a feeling of family, makes them feel loved.

MY IDEA OF SEX APPEAL…: I think sex appeal is defined today as more trashy than it actually is. With all these cheesy videos coming out, these women trying to be sexy, it’s disgusting. Sex appeal is intelligence, it’s the way you look at someone, it’s always more subtle. Sex appeal is not loud, trash is. You don’t have to drop half your clothes to be sexy. Sometimes just the way you look at someone, the way you touch that person, that’s sexy.

ONE FANTASY THAT STILL HAS TO COME TRUE…: I always keep imagining things. At one point I seriously wanted to be Prime Minister of the country. Recently, I wanted to play Trinity in The Matrix.

THINGS I FIND MOST ATTRACTIVE IN A MAN…: A couple of things-intelligence, self-esteem; I like men who are sure of themselves and not just weathercocks and most importantly, integrity. Common sense and humor also help.

IF I COULD BE REBORN AS SOMEONE ELSE…: I reckon, Madonna. It’s no point saying Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi or Nutan because those spots are already taken by all the Miss India’s!

LOVE, MONEY, SEX or POWER…: Love is most important. Least important would be power because if you have money, you automatically have power. Sex is also important because I’m a normal person.

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