About Us

About Us

Welcome to Preity Zinta Fan Club! After many errors from the main site to the gallery, qe are promising you that we are here to stay. The gallery has been re-build, in one year we have reached 10000+ images, which is very rare, so please take a look at our efforts.

Let all us Preity fan be a part of something special. We try our very best to bring you all the news and exclusives first. We can always use help, so don’t hesitate to contribute.

We are a fan site made by the fans. Each has their own reason for liking Preity Zinta. For some of them it was the very approaching question in Dil Se… to Shah Rukh, “Are you a virgin?”. To others who have watched Preity chashmish (glasses) in Kal Ho Naa Ho. Or remember Hamberrr from Salaam Namaste? Our was it Jadoo (magic) who cast a spel on you?

For others it was Preity who changed their perception. Preity, a woman who stand by herself and what you is see what you get. ‘Z’ isn’t afraid of saying her mind. The Basanti from Bollywood, loves talking and does not talk too much! The point is, you love Preity for who she is and that’s it, just the appriciation for the great woman she is! Thanks to Preity’s parents for not killing the girl, but giving her education and a chance to life!

Preity is a youth icon, giving the right example to be who you want to be! Preity is a fashion icon for others, she is always dress appropriately and has grown in her sense of style. She even was listed on People magazines ‘100 best dressed list’ in India.

But for lot of us she is the actor. You might love or dislike some of her movies but you can’t ignore her. Show us your love in anything, pictures, fan messages that we place on the site or just a simple appreciation. How did you start liking Preity? Have you met her? Share it all with us!

Our mission is to gather all Preity fans and change our perspective on her movies and appearances. One day we hope to tell Preity about our existence and show her the love we have for her.

The updates on the blog and gallery is maintained by Wandena (Worship Elle) and Noove. We rock! And so does PZFC! Thanks for your support and keep visiting PZFC! We appreciate all your comments, and we read them all.

Make sure you don’t get confused with the other ‘preityzinta-fanclub’s’ rip-offs, we are your one an only! The Blog is linked through the main site and so does the gallery and forum.

P.S. Don’t forget to sign our Guestbook

Visit the photo gallery with over 15,000 photos and join various discussions in the forum.

We are also on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Friend, follow and tweet us back!

You can contact us on pzfc.gallery@gmail.com


31 Responses to About Us

  1. Almedina says:

    Hej PZ-FC Team,

    i visit ur website everyday also the forum.
    Im a very big fan of preity zinta, she is just a wonderful and beautiful young lady.
    Its amazing how u always have the newest pics from her. Im excited.

    Hope this website will stay this way forever.

    Wish u all the best and u make a great job.

    Best regards

    Almedina From Vienna

  2. irfan says:

    Hi, PREITY ZINTA Fan Club Team!
    This is my first time visiting this website and its amazing! Yoy all are doing a great job!

    im a very big fan of PREITY ZINTA, as there are a lot of other really big fans of PREITY ZINTA out there!

    keep it up!!

    best wishes

  3. this is my first time visiting this site and its awesum ppl… as i am a big fan of preity zinta so i’m very happy that all the other fans are also gathered here

    Keep rocking as our idol preity always rock
    Vanessa phoebe

  4. dawood says:

    i watch all her movies although i dont understand the language. i have to read the subtitles. saw her at the cricket today (port elizabeth, south africa). she is stunningly beautiful. lovely personality, she came over to sign autographs

  5. Zelda says:

    awesome site guys! Keep up the fantastic work!

  6. Ahmad says:

    gr8 work. love u PZ
    keep smiling n let ur fans smiles too

  7. Vj says:


    Its a 1-stop reference for ALL ABOUT PREITY ONLINE & OFFLINE. It collects almost every information, every more than a GOOGLE ALERT. Its up-to-date!!! always.

    Keep rockin…

  8. King Kaustubh says:

    Preetu is a wonderful person. Very down to earth, honest, brave and many more.. Of course can’t forget those qute dimples. I fell in luv with her from the movie Mission Kashmir and then on it has been forever. I’m not her fan but her big time well wisher. God bless her. SHE ROCKS! Preity if you read this this one’s for you :-,)

  9. Amjad Nawaz says:

    preity u r the best, im 1 of the greatest fan of u, and i think every time about.your smile is the perfect smile so keep smiling.

    Islamabad PAKISTAN

  10. imtiaz runjith says:

    hi preity,, hope u r fine,, for god sake u r really pretty,, i’m a great fan of yours,, even in my room i have a great posters of u,, sweet smile,, keep it on,, love you,,

  11. susu says:

    hi gys
    i want to tell you that you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you do a great job!!
    i am also a preityjii big fan and i’m very thankful that you give me and ofcourse other preityjii fans the possibility to be part of her!!!!!!!!!!!
    wow your fan-club is amazing and really interesting!!!!!!!!
    move on and don’t let it be……
    i’m sure that preityjii will be happy when she will know what we are doing only for our lovely and beautiful PREITY ZINTA
    i can only say a few words…..:
    WHERE’S THE PARTY TONIGHT——right here right now!!you rock!!!

  12. hanie says:

    hii… Preity
    i’m new visitor in Preity Zinta Fan Club but i’m your old fan…

    i can’t speak english fluently, so i just wanna say i love U so muchhhhhh…..

  13. Tamana says:

    Hi Dear my favr Act oh i love u perity u so beauitiful girl i love u r smile and u r beauitiful eyes
    trust me i m u r the bigest fun i m from afghanistan but from indian just and just u my fav act i luv u priety

  14. hanie says:

    hi… all of preity zinta fan club
    i am from indonesia
    do u wanna be my friend??

  15. nora macayan says:

    hi… I started liking Preity. When My friend Ida, ask me to watch KAL HO NAA HO. By the way I’m Nora, I’m a Filipino. Working here in Singapore. As saying being said the rest of the story are history. And now I’m a huge fan. everyday if time permits I would visit ur site and get news. Wishing to read more about Preity.

  16. suela says:

    hi preity zinta fan-club,

    well firt of all you gyus do a grat job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i like this webside really much………
    and i am a big fan of preity zinta………i want to ask you where i can login me here in your web?????????
    i want to be still in contact with you so you would haelp me very much………
    thats alll
    i love you

  17. devi says:

    preity please dont stop acting, please continue doing movies and endorsements, i want to see u always shining

  18. AHAD says:

    Hi , PZFC TEAM !

    i love this website and i cann’t stop visiting it

    even the forum ..

    Nice job and keep doing this

    Best wishes

    all my love for PZ


  19. dana says:

    great website! & love the forum!!
    Preity Zinta forever!
    what to do without you guys!
    You are rocks honestly!
    Big Kisses to the team!
    PS : thanks to added the tweets from preity to me ^^ (Danabolly)
    love u!!!

  20. vora naushad says:

    Hi, preity
    I have got a tip for your family cricket team.
    First try to find out which players have got the potential and are fit enough to play nationally and internationally.Then try to promote them into a safe and neutral venue, and while doing so let them know that you are doing it.And once the players start to perform well, then the captain will automatically come to form.And in this way you can reach your goal sooner than later.

    vora naushad

  21. vora naushad says:

    Hi, preity
    Can we have a date at some suitable place?

    vora naushad

  22. rahul says:

    so when we are moving to our own server
    leave the wp server
    and wordpress is limitless when used on own server!!!!!!

  23. jyoti sharma says:

    U r an awesome actress nd so r ur movies hope to see more of u in 2010. I m one big fan of ur’s

  24. deepak kumar yadav says:

    priety zinta good actress

  25. Reddy says:

    Hi PZFC team,
    I’m enjoying your website.
    Always liked PZ and after ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’…..Justb love her.
    She is original and a fresh of breath air amongst the jaded faces/interviews and behaviours of the bollywood girls.
    Also,I’m 34 and Priety is close to my age. She gives me the inspiration to dress well and not frumpily.
    All that said,I dolove reading about her personallife too ….is that bad? But how she handles herself off screen is what makes her so likable!!
    Just feel sorry for all the guys who end up losing her!

  26. kimali says:

    love u lot preity……..

  27. samara says:

    Preity I love you I want to see you

  28. samara says:

    Preity hi how are you? Preity please help me!!! I want actress tooo please help me

  29. vikas rawt says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiii preity ji how r u i think u will be ok u r so sweet atress i watch u movie mostly i hope good give u lot bless u and i request u please keep smile on u face i am waiting for u new movie ok bye bye have nice day by bye smile please

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