Preity on her friendship with Salman Khan


“From the film industry, the closest friend that I have is Salman. I don’t want to say that he’s my best friend as it sounds clichéd but he’s somebody I would do anything for. He’s my friend for ever and ever. There’s also Sussanne Khan (Hrithik’s wife). She’s somebody who I know before I became an actress and before Hrithik became an actor so I have known them since then. I meet her the least but she knows that I am always there for her. I don’t forget my relationships but I am not good at calling my friends every day. That’s not me. For me, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Friends don’t have to do anything. For me loyalty is very important and not tradition. I will always stand by my friends.
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“There’s someone in my life”

Years ago, she was laughed at when she talked about running her own business someday. Today, she’s is seen as one helluva successful owner in the cutthroat world of IPL. She’s held her own despite the charges levelled at her outfit and emerged strong. But then, Preity Zinta has been known for both her beauty and her balls. She was once crowned as the ‘only man in the industry’, thanks to her testimony against the underworld. She’s also taken the property dispute with the late Shandar Amrohi’s family head-on. She’s no bra-burning feminist but advises new girls to hold on to their clothes and not just turn into bikini babes. She says she’s happy without ex-Ness Wadia and doesn’t really need a man. Almost in the same breath, she confesses seeing someone but won’t name him as she’s tired of her personal life being played out in the tabloids. Unruffled by the debacle of Ishkq In Paris, she will be seen in Bhayyaji Superhitt, Happy Ending and other projects. Her never-say-die approach make her a living, breathing woman of today than a perked up Barbie. She’s steel wrapped in velvet. Excerpts…

How is the IPL 7 looking like?
Great! We have a brand new team, a well-balanced squad. We’re excited to have Virendra Sehwag on board, he’s a dynamic and destructive player. We’re also happy to have Mitchell Johnson, George Bailey, Glen Maxwell, Thisara Perera, Shawn Marsh and David Miller, whom we call Miller The Killer!

Have controversies affected the morale of your team?
This is part of the game. It hasn’t affected us because we have been pretty straight and clean. I don’t believe all of cricket is bad, there might be one or two characters. I’m glad they are out of the game and have faced tough consequences. I feel bad because our fans have emotionally invested in the game.

IPL is not happening in India this time. Does it mean loss of revenue?
Well, as much as I love cricket, the elections are more important. So we have had to take it overseas. But we’re going to come back here and hold the other half of the tournament in India. Everyone’s beating BCCI and saying nasty things about them. But they have been wonderful. They’ve assured us that if things go beyond a certain point; they’ll make sure that the franchises don’t lose money.

How is your relationship with Ness Wadia (co-owner of Kings XI Punjab) today?
It got over in 2009. So we need to stop mentioning him every time.

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Salman Khan wants to marry Preity Zinta, but Preity prefers Karan Johar

Salman Khan had recently confessed that he would like to marry Preity Zinta, and prefer her as a life partner as compared to Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopa on Koffee with Karan. Preity, however, has taken his words very lightly and instead, joked about Karan Johar to be her preference as a husband. The dimple-cheeked actress was present at a recent award function and showed up on the show with Karan Johar himself.

On being probed, what she has to say on Salman’s comment on Karan Johar’s show, she reverted, “I think, Salman was just kidding on the show.” When we further asked her as to whom does she want to get married to, she exclaimed, “I want to marry Karan Johar (chuckles).” To which Karan lightheartedly reverted, “Koi mujhse bhi toh pooche main kisse shaadi karna chahta hoon (someone please ask me too about whom I want to tie knot with).”

We turned to KJo and enquired about the same, to which Karan reverted, “I too want to get married to Preity (laughs).” Jokes continued for a while, but the duo soon turned emotional when the topic of Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne came up. “We request the media to give some space to the couple. It’s a rough patch in their lives, so be supportive.” Soon after Hrithik broke the news of his separation, Preity had expressed her grief and said, “The news has come as a shock and I still don’t believe this has happened.”


Preity on Big Boss (full episode)

Salman Khan welcomed Preity on Big Boss last week. Preity bought gifts for the contestant and had a fun time with Salman Khan, like usual! Click the image above to view the full episode. You can also check out the pictures from the episode here.

Zinta Goes Zen – CineBlitz (Oct. 2012)

CineBlitz featured a Preity interivew in their October issue. Click the image above to read Preity’s answers on love, movies, Salman Khan and more! Thank you very much Manan for your contribution. Let me know what you think of the interview in the comments or tweet me on @PZFC!

Preity at the music release of ‘Ishkq in Paris’

Today, Preity released the soundtrack of her ‘baby’ Ishkq in Paris. The movie has five songs. You already have heard ‘It’s all about tonight’ and ‘Kudiye Di Kurti’. Other songs from the soundtrack are: ‘Jaane Bhi De’, ‘Teri Choodiyan Da Crazy Crazy Sound’, ‘Jaane Bhi De’ (duet) and ‘Saiyaan’. Which one is your favourite number? The soundtrack is available to buy from today! So make sure you get a legal copy and spread the love!

On the occasion was present, none other than Preity’s friend in need, Salman Khan to lend his support to the release. Other attendees were the cast and crew from the movie. Preity wore a black (Zara) dress with a peplum skirt with neon pink (very much on trend) pumps. I love her outfit, the pumps make the dress complete! Thanks PreityZintaFr for the tip-off!

The full movie promotions start from October, so get ready (because I am!) to see Preity’s fashion choices, interesting interviews and much more scoop! Click here or the image to view images from the event. Have you already listened to the music? Comment or tweet me with your thoughts!

Ishkq in Paris – Kudiye Di Kurti (song promo)

A 2 minute trailer is out! I won’t hold you up with my story how excited the trailer makes me. To make the story short, just click on the image…!

Salman Khan is a friend for life, says Preity Zinta

In Bollywood where actors struggle at times to build friendly equations with colleagues, actress Preity Zinta insists that Salman Khan is her “friend for life” because he has always stood by her through thick and thin.

“It is unfair to praise a person only when he is doing well. I have seen Salman through all the phases of his life and my life. Even when I had the IPL cases, financial pressure, Salman was the only guy who stood by my side. It meant a lot to me,” Preity said in an interview.

“It was easy for people to speculate that we are part of a scam. At one point we had to pay Rs 100 crore in a week. He (Salman) was the only person who offered to be there and help me financially and whichever way possible,” Preity said while appreciating the Tiger.

“Thank god I did it myself. The point is nobody else did. For me he is my friend for life. People who support you when you need the most, that is friendship and not when you are rocking,” she said.

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