Preity in the making of ‘Happy Ending’

Last week ‘Happy Ending’released. Preity received a lot of compliments for her role. Watch the video above and catch a few moments of Preity on the sets of ‘Happy Ending’. Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Preity on the sets of It’s all about tonight’

After the release of the first song promo, Headlines Today published a ‘making of’ from the song. Are you curious on the behind the scenes? Click here to view the video. And to spill a little bit info, she talks about Salman Khan’s cameo!

Preity and Isabelle are all set for ‘Ishkq In Paris’

Preity Zinta, has already kick-started her French sojourn with Ishkq In Paris. Though she has recently finished a 15 day schedule in France, Preity is now all set to revisit the country and rub shoulders with legendary French actress Isabelle Adjani.

“This would be a real huge moment for Preity and also some nervous moments for the actress since Isabelle is looked upon very highly in the international film circuit. As for Preity, since this is her first ever international collaboration where she is also a producer, she is going an extra mile to ensure that her liaison with Isabelle counts. Her first schedule in Paris to familiarise herself with the milieu and now that she is well versed with the culture and the setting there, she would be returning to shoot her scenes with Isabelle”, informs a senior crew member.

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Preity’s star struck

Bon jour, dear readers. Why the French greetings you wonder? Then let us tell you that it’s because we have a French story to narrate, one which involves Preity Zinta strolling down the Champs Elysees, munching on a warm croissant or two — and hobnobbing with the very beautiful actress, Isabelle Adjani. Preity was ecstatic when Isabelle said “oui” to appearing in Ishkq in Paris — but now seems to have developed anxiety pangs at the thought of sharing the same frame with the lovely Isa.

Says a source close to the bubbly actress. “Preity really admires Isa and is going the extra mile to ensure that she is well-versed with the Parisian milieu before she shoots her scenes with the French star.”


First schedule of ‘Ishkq In Paris’ is wrapped in Paris

It is a wrap! Yes, the first schedule of ‘Ishkq in ‘Paris’ is done.

Preity recently tweeted:
“Last day of shoot of the first schedule of Ishkq In Paris ! excited cuz now I get a short break before we start work back in India 🙂 Ting!”

Prem Soni (director) tweeted:
“First Schedule of Ishkq In Paris completes Had been living with a dream for some years to shoot in the magical city Paris… O Paris thank u. Want to thank my actor and Producer Preity Zinta for making Ishkq In Paris a reality I thank u for all your love and support :)”

This means that the rest of the movie will get it final touches in India. Who is getting excited?

Policy for photos from the sets of ‘Ishkq in Paris’

As you know, the shooting of Ishkq in Paris have been on for a few weeks now. A lot of people got a chance to meet and greet with Preity and got a glimpse of the shooting. Yes, you lucky people, share your story with us and share a picture of your meeting with Preity.

I am only asking for a fan photo of Preity now. Preity requested all her fans not to publish production photos from ‘Ishkq in Paris’ because it will reveal the look of the film. I am also requesting you not to publish on the net. Preity is fine taking pictures with fans and she does not mind if they will get out. So, remember this: share your FAN photos of Preity with us! 🙂

You can easily share your story by mailing at

The French media covers the shooting of ‘Ishkq in Paris’

The French media got notice of the filming of Preity’s Ishkq in Paris recently. The above video reports the recent shooting in Lyon. Thanks Laura and Elodie for providing the translation for the video!


Shooting in the cold, in front of the opera, the team behind the camera is a crew from the Indian film industry, Bollywood. The actress hidden under the hat is Preity Zinta, one of Indian’s the biggest filmstars.

Preity wanted to shoot her long-awaited movie in France. She loves everything in the classic patrimonial style and the city of Lyon was the heart of the action.

The script is about a young, independent woman who seeks for love. A classic portrayal of a Bollywood story. What unusual is, is the budget of the movie,which is over a million Euro’s. The shooting will take place -besides Lyon- in Italy as well. The aim is to distribute the movie is France.

The movie will be screened in France and dubbed in the French language. The mother of Preity will be played by Isabelle Adjani and it is the first time that a French star will work opposite an Indian actor.

The shooting in Lyon will last for one week than the team will film the Alps and in Paris. ‘Ishkq in Paris’ means ‘Love in Paris’ and is scheduled to release in May 2012.

Farah meets Preity on the sets of ‘Ishkq in Paris’ in Paris

Another shooting day, another lucky fan who got the chance to talk and meet with Preity. The lucky fan is Farah! She spotted Preity todat at the train station of Gare de Lyon. Escpecially for the fans she wrote her experience .

A quote from her experience:

When we saw her alone, we asked her for a picture,she was really nice to us. She took us in to a nice place for a picture and she talked with us. It is so nice that she took time for her fans.

If you have a fan story to tell, do shae it with us. Click the above image to view images from the shooting in Paris, many thanks to Farah for sharing.

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