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Saddened by the current situation in the country, actor-businesswoman Preity Zinta is “thinking” about joining “politics” as she wants to be part of a movement to bring positive changes in India. “Of late, I have been thinking that I will join politics because it’s so sad what is happening to our country,” says Preity. “I really want to be somehow involved in positively changing our country… One fine day I’m going to come out and say vote for me,” she says.

The 38-year-old actor has even made an imaginary picture of Preity Zinta, the politician. She said: “I will be a very glamorous politician. I will have nice hair, nice clothes, and I will not be corrupt. How much do you genuinely need to eat? ‘Khaane ke liye aap biscuit hi khaate ho, gold biscuit to nahi khaate ho’.” Having said that, she hopes, “people like me don’t have to get into a political future, because there are good people.”



Rape is like domestic terrorism: Preity Zinta

Known for her feisty spirit, Preity Zinta is very perturbed by the growing incidents of rape in the country. She attributes it to the fact that Indians have very short memories which is what leads to escalating crimes against women including rape. The actress who is on a high after her team won the IPL match against Pune Warriors in Mohali on Sunday, is however critical of the social apathy towards crimes against women in the country. After Nirbhaya, Preity reacted sharply to the brutal rape of the five-year-old girl in Delhi as she took to venting on social media and could not contain her angst even when she was conversing with people.

She says, “We have this whole thing in India about reacting for a very short period of time. We have such short memories. When an incident happens, we react, create jams and protests and we forget about it all and go home and sleep.” Not stopping at that, Preity terms rape also as a form of terrorism. “This (crime against women) is also terrorism, it is domestic terrorism and these culprits unleash terror on women,” she vents.

Yet, Preity doesn’t think the lapses for the escalating crimes are the onus of the government or the police alone. “Half the time we blame the police for lack of action. But that’s not true. The awareness for stopping these crimes has to come from within each one of us. We as citizens have to wake up to the fact that we have to take action to stop this. This really bothers me a lot. And somewhere even we as women have to take responsibility for saying this is enough,” she adds.


Rapists should be made impotent: Preity Zinta

Bollywood actress Preity Zinta has slammed the rapists in the Delhi gang-rape case and said that the culprits should be made impotent as a punishment. Other renowned Bollywood celebrities like Johan Abraham, Farhan Akhtar and Arjun Rampal have also expressed shock and grief over the gang rape.

While speaking in parliament today, MP Jaya Bachchan broke down in Rajya Sabha and asked for Government’s reaction over the tragic incident

“First of all, whatever happened? Did the government send any condolence to the family? Did you publicly make any announcement saying we are so sorry something so shameful happened in our country?” Ms Bachchan, a veteran film star, asked in Rajya Sabha.

“Sir, I’m basically an artist and I’m very, very disturbed by it. What is going to happen to her? Everybody will forget but she will remember for the rest of her life. It will be a scar. It’s a terrible mental torture. How are you going to repay for this?” she said, her voice choking with emotions.

Preity wrote an statement on Twitter, regrading this terrific issue.


I have two careers now, says Harvard returned Preity Zinta

She may not be dazzling the silver screen these days, but Preity Zinta has been keeping herself busy all this while. In a conversation with Swati Chaturvedi of Spicezee.com on her chat show ‘Kahiye Janab’, Preity, who claims to have ‘two careers’ now, talked about her experience of ‘going back to school’ and expressed her take on Indian politics.


Swati: You’ve not been around for a quite a while now. What apart from endorsements have you been doing?

Preity: Movies, cricket, living life of course, and studying!

Swati: Two weeks back on this show, I had told Katrina (Kaif) that you had gone to Harvard for studying, and she couldn’t believe it. She was shocked. Do you think it’s strange for an actress to do what you’ve done?

Preity: See, I’m an individual first and then an actress. When I realised that I didn’t have anything much to do during those two months, I thought why not! And I always wanted to do that particular business course from Harvard. It was about negotiations – about deal making, and I had to study a lot, I used to get up at 5.00 in the morning… I’ve never worked so hard even for films. But I enjoyed it. Now I have two careers – actress and deal making.

Swati: So there will be better negotiations when you discuss a deal with Lalit Modi now?

Preity: No… you guys are giving it a very filmy outlook… so nothing like that. But I mean for acting, the only course that I’ve ever done was for Deepa Mehta’s ‘Heaven On Earth’. And when I did that I realised that there was so much for me to learn… I realised that I should have done that earlier. So if I get a chance and I have the time, I’d love to do a longer course.

Swati: In my opinion, actors earn major amount of their money from endorsements these days and films are just for creative satisfaction. What do you have to say about that?

Preity: See, there’s a market for endorsements. Films are not just for creative satisfaction, it’s just that your perspective keeps changing with what you do. I always used to do films with the perspective of an actress, but when I ventured into IPL, I started thinking from the perspective of a brand… you know, Kings XI Punjab is a brand for me…I used to keep thinking – when we have red and silver there, we shouldn’t have blue – like that.

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Dimpled damsel Preity Zinta rubbishes claims of her ‘British ancestry’!

Dimpled damsel Preity Zinta rubbishes claims of her ‘British ancestry’!


Mumbai, Feb 02: Looks like Bollywood’s dimpled damsel is having some tough time handling her personal facts. In a recent interview to the press, Preity had declared that her ancestors were half British and half Rajput. But she is rubbishing them all as mere rumours now!

Well, Preity had apparently released the statement in order to silence the questions about her genera: “In the early 18th century, when marital alliances between the Rajput and British became quite common, the Zinta clan was born. I’m the rare combination of British and Rajput blood.”- Preity’s press statement.

Much to our surprise, in a recent interview to a news daily, Preity blasted the reports on her British ‘connection’ and said, “I don’t know where that has come from. I’m a full-on pahadi girl. Both my parents are from Himachal Pradesh. I’m a complete Rajput girl. And yet I’ve been flooded with inquiries about my ‘British blood’. Arrey yaar, who’s spreading these strange rumours? And they erupted so suddenly. I wonder who’s responsible.”

Now that’s a shocker!

Preity also took the opportunity to clear the air about her joining politics, “For those who feel threatened because they feel I’m getting into politics let me assure them I’ve no intentions of getting into yet another alien territory. Movies are my life. And now there’s cricket and the IPL. Politics is not my scene at all. There’s no need to cook up controversies about my past.”

Point noted, Preity!


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