Preity in the making of ‘Happy Ending’

Last week ‘Happy Ending’released. Preity received a lot of compliments for her role. Watch the video above and catch a few moments of Preity on the sets of ‘Happy Ending’. Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Preity Zinta and Kareena Kapoor to play Saif’s former lovers

It is known that Preity Zinta and Kareena Kapoor have cameos in Raj and Krishna DK’s next, ‘Happy Ending’, which features Saif Ali Khan in the lead. Mirror has now learnt that the two actresses will play former lovers of Saif’s character in the film.

Revealed a source close to the production, “The director duo were looking for actresses whose romantic camaraderie with Saif has clicked in the past. It was Saif who suggested Preity’s name who has successfully paired with him twice in the past (Kal Ho Na Ho and Salaam Namaste).” The source adds that Saif personally called up Preity and asked her if she’d be interested in playing his ex-girlfriend. She laughed and agreed. “Her character is the anchor in Saif’s life. He plays a successful author struggling with a writer’s block,” says the source. On the other hand Kareena, who also has a cameo, will play a dramatically different character. “She is more of an obsessive lover and her part is much smaller than Preity’s,” adds the source.

When contacted, Krishna DK said, “Yes, Saif called Preity and it was sweet of her to agree. Bebo’s inclusion was more of a spontaneous decision as she was with Saif in Los Angeles where we were shooting.”

Happy Ending is releasing on 5th December.


Preity Zinta’s in no hurry to get married

The Saif-Kareena wedding may be creating waves, but Preity Zinta is in no hurry to tie the knot. “I can only say, wait and watch. Right now I have time only for my film,” says the actor, who is currently single.

The 37-year-old, who visited Delhi recently, wore a religious thread on her

wrist. But it had nothing to do with any ‘mannat’ (wish) for the success of her upcoming film, Ishkq in Paris. “My friend got it from Amarnath and that’s why I’m wearing it. I believe in good karma. Acchhe karam aur hardwork se mannatein poori hoti hai aur kisi se nahi,” she said.

The film, her debut outing as producer, marks her return to silver screen after four years. Preity, however, doesn’t like to call it her ‘comeback film’. “I find the term strange. Recently I read about Rani (Mukerji) making a comeback too. But, she just did a film in January. It’s all hype. Does anyone question Aamir (Khan) when he has a gap of years between his releases?”

There’s, however, one thing Preity agrees with — the film, releasing next month, has put a lot of pressure on her. “It’s like giving birth … I’m very excited but at the same time, very nervous. I’m acting, producing, and have co-written the film as well. There’s so much to take care of… but I’m proud of the final product,” she says.


Preity attends the Nikaah ceremony of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor

Preity looks radiant in a pink/golden Manish Malhotra saree at the Nikaah party of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor. Between the hectic of promotion Ishkq in Paris, Preity took some time off to attend the party. Preity has been a long-time friend of Saif, so it is no surprise she attended the party. What do you think of her look?

Also on our Youtube page is a video of Preity entering the venue.

They start touching and poking you: Preity Zinta

Actor Preity Zinta, 37, who was mobbed outside a jewellery store in town on Thursday, is shaken up after the experience. “I still love Delhi, but get scared of the madness sometimes,” she says before adding, “I know that my fans love me. But it gets a bit tough to handle when in their excitement, they start touching and poking you to see if you’re for real.”

Clearly displeased, she goes on, “People in India like to touch a lot. It’s not very nice for any girl to be touched by strangers wherever they want. You wouldn’t do that to your sister or mother but just because one is an actor, they think she is your property.” The actor, who also later visited The Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon, hopes the scenario is better when she visits the Capital next.

Although Zinta has a busy diary promoting her production debut Ishkq in Paris, she plans to make time for Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s wedding on October 16. “Saif has always been a good friend, and I have got to know Kareena better after they started dating. She is a wonderful person.”

Refusing to talk about her own marriage plans, Zinta only gives away a little bit about the romantic within her — “If I can be my crazy, wild self in front of a person and he still likes me, that’s romantic,” she says. Zinta also refutes rumours of using actor Salman Khan for her film’s publicity. “Anybody who thinks that can go take a walk. Nobody said that I was being used when I did films for friends!”


I live life for myself: Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta lashes out at critics, talks about marriage and her first production, Ishkq In Paris, which will clash with Heroine at the BO.

How is life as a producer?
Acting in itself is a lot of work. Production is all of that multiplied by 100. But after the Indian Premier League (IPL), I can do anything. Now, I feel like all of this (production, etc) is a piece of cake.

Ishkq In Paris had me strained a little extra because I have co-written it. The effort came right from the beginning: first as a writer, then as a producer and finally, as an actor. If I was only acting in it, I would have been okay, but now that I have also co-written it, I am a bit nervous. But I like to multi-task.

Why did you not pick a more popular male co-star?
I didn’t want a big star in my film because then I would have had to go around his dates. Since I am already writing, producing and acting in it, the actor should fit into our plan and not vice versa.

Some feel that you got into production because you had no new film offers…

Some people always say certain things. In the past three years, some of the biggest hits have been offered to me with all the best actors. But I really don’t have to point out such things. When I am down and out, are these people out there to help me? No. I live my life for myself. So when I am old and dying, I will tell myself, ‘I lived my life the way I wanted to.’

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Kareena Kapoor on Preity

“I am really flattered with Preity’s compliment. She is really sweet and very genuine as a person. She always speaks her mind so I know whatever she wrote was heartfelt.


Preity on Kareena Kapoor

“Well, Kareena is a friend now. She is dating a very dear friend of mine, Saif. She is not amongst my best friends but definitely a good friend”.


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