Preity’s interivew at MAMI Festival

Check out a nice depth interview on movies with Preity at the MAMI recently. Also check out the photos from the event here.


Coverage: Preity joins BCC Woman Hour

Jenni Murray talks with Preity Zinta on her movie career. Listen to the interview starting at 35.00 here

Video: Preity talks investment and projects

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Back on Track

interviewsWe’ve seen you only at cricket matches for a while. Have you decided to stay away from Bollywood?
No way, I will never leave this industry. The business of cricket just kept me very busy. I did some roles that I really wanted to do without thinking about it commercially and I was just taking it easy. I also went for a long holiday where I did a lot of shopping.

Did you take the holiday to get over your relationship?
I took a three-week holiday after the IPL last year too so I don’t know what all this fuss is about. If people think that’s the reason, let them. I don’t really care what everybody thinks. When you’re down and out, it’s easy for people to kick you. I’m very happy and I don’t care about anything else.

Are you going to get back to the glamour industry now?
I’m actually very excited to be back. When I was shooting the other day, I realised just how much I’ve missed the glamour factor. When you do business or serious roles, it’s mentally taxing. It felt good to do something frivolous and just enjoy it.

And you’re returning with a television show?
Well, I do have two films— Mr and Mrs Khanna and Har Pal. But, yes, I’m most excited about the new TV show on cricket called Behind the Seam which I will be a big part of. It’s a really interesting show about cricket. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at everything about cricket, except the match itself.

Does this mean that your stint in business is over?
The businesswoman Preity is here to stay. While I will be attached to the film industry, I want to try my hand at more businesses. I’m definitely going to branch out to more than cricket.

Has the new lot of heroines taken over your territory?
I admire the new lot of heroines. They are so well groomed, not like when I came into the industry and was such a tomboy. These girls already have the perfect hair, perfect make-up, perfect clothes. But I have no interest in dancing to a few songs and just hanging around in a film anymore. I don’t want to do that but somebody will and that’s the job of the newer lot. The kind of roles that I’m being offered, they don’t have the experience to do that. It would be like asking me to crawl after I’ve started running.

Will the Shiney Ahuja incident affect the release of Har Pal?
It’s such an unfortunate incident. My heart goes out completely to his parents and wife. But nothing can affect a good film. And what have Dharmendra, Isha Koppikar and I done wrong? It’s three against one here and I’m sure the film will do just fine.


Kings XI Punjab Website update


KXIP official site got an update again!

Here is a 20min video interview with Preity about KXIP & you can read Preity’s interview with Brett Lee over here

Fans are also able to buy merchandise, check their catalogue or for more, just check their website: Kings XI Punjab

dont forget they will play their first match 19th April, their full scedule is posted on the sidebar!

Video: Preity Zinta & Deepa Mehta startrek interview

Part 2 | Part 3

Interview: “Don’t call me a Man”


Director’s cut: Deepa Mehta on Heaven on Earth

Director’s cut: Deepa Mehta on Heaven on Earth


Filmmaker Deepa Mehta’s Heaven On Earth starring Preity Zinta is all set to hit Indian theatres as Videsh on March 20. CNN-IBN caught up with her in London where she spoke about Preity Zinta’s performance and scripting Midnight’s Children along with Sir Salman Rushdie.

CNN-IBN: What can one expect from Heaven on Earth?

Deepa Mehta: Heaven on Earth is renamed as Videsh and it’s going to release on March 20. The film is very close to my heart, it’s a very vulnerable and fragile piece. It’s about a subject that is very important. What one can expect is a piece of poetry.

CNN-IBN: You were very confident that Preity Zinta was right for th role. Did she meet your expectations?

Deepa Mehta: Preity is exceptional and simply mind-blowing in the film. It’s a forceful performance which is honest, grounded and doesn’t feel like a performance – which is an ultimate compliment I can give to an actor.


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