Preity Zinta unfazed by competition

The past few days have not been easy for actor Preity Zinta who is distraught with the sudden demise of filmmaker Yash Chopra. She points out that ‘being a Yash Chopra heroine is something that every Bollywood actress dreams of.’ “While most people think that playing the lead in Yashji’s films meant being portrayed as the most beautiful woman on screen, those of us who have worked with him know that it meant a lot more than just that,” says the actor who was directed by Chopra in Veer Zaara, besides having acted in other films under his banner.

Recalling her experiences of working with him, Preity reveals that the King of Romance was the most indulgent filmmaker. “He was my papa bear and I was his princess, and he treated me like one on the sets too. From what I wore to what I ate, he pampered me and took care of me like a father would. We had ganna juice, if I felt like it. And he would make sure that the cook prepared my favourite kadhi-chawal on the sets. For him, people and their comfort mattered the most. I’ll always miss him,” adds the actor, as she struggles not to break into tears. “While shooting, he would always tell me that I look prettier in Indian wear and recently when we met at Mr Bachchan’s bash, he pointed out that I was looking lovely in the Indian outfit I was wearing at the time. It was touching because despite his ill-health, he remembered what he had told me eight years ago,” says Preity.

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Preity Zinta’s in no hurry to get married

The Saif-Kareena wedding may be creating waves, but Preity Zinta is in no hurry to tie the knot. “I can only say, wait and watch. Right now I have time only for my film,” says the actor, who is currently single.

The 37-year-old, who visited Delhi recently, wore a religious thread on her

wrist. But it had nothing to do with any ‘mannat’ (wish) for the success of her upcoming film, Ishkq in Paris. “My friend got it from Amarnath and that’s why I’m wearing it. I believe in good karma. Acchhe karam aur hardwork se mannatein poori hoti hai aur kisi se nahi,” she said.

The film, her debut outing as producer, marks her return to silver screen after four years. Preity, however, doesn’t like to call it her ‘comeback film’. “I find the term strange. Recently I read about Rani (Mukerji) making a comeback too. But, she just did a film in January. It’s all hype. Does anyone question Aamir (Khan) when he has a gap of years between his releases?”

There’s, however, one thing Preity agrees with — the film, releasing next month, has put a lot of pressure on her. “It’s like giving birth … I’m very excited but at the same time, very nervous. I’m acting, producing, and have co-written the film as well. There’s so much to take care of… but I’m proud of the final product,” she says.


I am a competitive person: Preity Zinta

On being asked about her career, Preity said, “I think I am a competitive person and I hold on to do things which I take pride in. For me I never wanted to take shortcuts when it comes to my work.”

As a producer how do you rate yourself? “It becomes very tuff when you are producing and acting in the same movie. You have to look good and yet be bothered about so many things. As a producer all I can say is that my crew got really good place to stay and good food to eat,” answered Preity.


Preity Zinta is a businesswoman in her head: Prem Raj

“She is a taskmaster. She is a businesswoman in her head. She has worked a lot, owns an IPL team. So it is not possible that she will not have a business sense,” Raj said during a media interaction.

He was particularly happy that Preity, who also plays the lead in the youthful romantic drama, was a director’s producer.

“She is not stingy at all. I am sure she will become a big producer some day,” he said.

Preity, who co-owns IPL team Kings XI Punjab, was not just handling finances and didn’t just focus on getting her shots right. She was also actively involved with the movie’s creative side along with Raj, he says.

“We have no ego. We can say anything to each other. This is how we have been,” he said of their chemistry and understanding.

The movie marks Preity’s comeback to films after 2008 film “Heroes”. The director gaurantees it will showcase the actress at her best and says her chutzpah is the film’s biggest USP.

“You will see her (Preity) in her elements. I don’t remember when she did a romantic comedy earlier,” he said.

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Want my kids to know the truth: Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta is bubbly, vivacious and upfront when it comes to her opinions. The actress believes that when it comes to media in the country, it’s not wrong to be sensational, but they need to get true stories.

“I am always friendly with people. When media asks me for a picture or interview, I readily do it. However, I wouldn’t like them clicking my picture when I am eating or when I visit a temple. I don’t want to be big in front of God,” said Preity.

“Like in the West they have 10 times crazy media than us, but they will get true stories. They don’t make up stories, so all I feel is that media in India should get real stories, don’t write things which will make my mother cry,” advised the actress.

Do wrong stories affect you? “You know how internet is today. I will get married and have kids. I don’t want them to read stories about me which are not true. They should know the truth.” answered the actress.


SRK is my lucky charm: Preity Zinta

Stunning actress Preity Zinta believes, superstar Shahrukh Khan is her lucky charm and is glad that her first film as a producer is releasing on his birthday November 2.

“I believe Shah (Shahrukh Khan) is my lucky charm. I started my Bollywood career with him in Dil Se. He was so supportive. When I decided to be a part of IPL, he was there too and now my film (Ishkq In Paris) is releasing on his birthday.” said PZ at the Radio City studio.


Didn’t miss the actress in me: Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta is excited to be back in Bollywood after three years and claims that she didn’t miss acting, but concentrated on her business.

“I am happy to be back with Ishkq in Paris. I didn’t miss the actress in me as I was busy handling my business. I got into cricket and was very excited about it. Now, everything is set when it comes to my business. After three years I have nothing to do in cricket, so now I am doing a film,” said Preity.

So, how does it feel to be back with the same zeal? “Being in the healthy state is the best thing. I am coming back in films after three years and that’s exciting. If you do the same job there are burnt-out vibes. I took a break and that has helped me a lot,” answered the actress.

“Flops and hits come in everyone’s career. In fact, my 85% films have done well at the box offices,” concluded Preity.


Sophie Chowdhury on working on ‘It’s all about tonight’

Preity saw Sophie conversing with Isabelle Adjani during the French actress’ recent visit to Mumbai, that she decided to rope her in for the song. “Preity is a dear friend of mine and she was amazed to see me talking to Isabelle in French. And that was when she thought it’d be great to put my lingual ability to good use for her film,” the 31-year-old says.

Later, music composer duo Sajid-Wajid suggested to Sophie that she herself write some French verses too. She further adds, “I immediately obliged to this idea as Sunidhi (Chauhan) has already put in some lovely Hindi vocals for this song. I came up with the lyrics within an hour or so and it was recorded that day itself. The English part is sung by both of us. It was very exciting to say the least.”


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