Preity on her friendship with Salman Khan


“From the film industry, the closest friend that I have is Salman. I don’t want to say that he’s my best friend as it sounds clichéd but he’s somebody I would do anything for. He’s my friend for ever and ever. There’s also Sussanne Khan (Hrithik’s wife). She’s somebody who I know before I became an actress and before Hrithik became an actor so I have known them since then. I meet her the least but she knows that I am always there for her. I don’t forget my relationships but I am not good at calling my friends every day. That’s not me. For me, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Friends don’t have to do anything. For me loyalty is very important and not tradition. I will always stand by my friends.

I first met Salman in 1998 when we were doing Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega. I used to be very scared of him before I met him because he had this bad boy image and I used to think I was one of the boys. I was like a tomboy. My parents brought me up to have no limitations. I used to fear if Salman and I worked together, it would be a problem and I used to be nervous of that. We just became friends and I realised that behind that brash, studied cool guy, are the most beautiful face and eyes. The reason is that Salman’s eyes reflect his heart and soul. They say the eyes are the windows to one’s soul and when you see Salman’s eyes that’s him. He is one of the nicest, cleanest, sweetest, craziest, maddest and most loyal friends to have. He’s a solid guy. If you have one guy like him as a friend, you don’t need anybody else. I will always be there for him because he stood by me. And you must appreciate people like him. Of course, I will fight for him. Whenever there was a crazy rumours about me or out of the blue random stuff, he has stood by me like a rock! I do feel bad for him because as he’s getting more successful and people are running after him.

He has done so much for everybody through his Being Human foundation. Salman doesn’t talk about it himself and that’s why I am talking about it. How many people he has gotten treated for cancer, done eye operations for thousands of people and so much more. He’s so good that way and that’s why I feel bad when actors are used for political differences, when things are said about actors and they are cornered. I am not saying that he is perfect but if you can find anybody in this world who is perfect and can get them to me I will do whatever you say. I will always stand up for Salman.”



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