If it wasn’t my money in T20 franchise, they’d have caught me: Preity Zinta

kxip3 Preity invited us for a chat at the very same apartment. “I’m doing the interview here, because this is the building reports said I don’t live in anymore,” she says.

In clarification mode, she also defends her business investments, including her T20 franchise, and a film production venture that flopped.

Was it disappointing that your first film production venture didn’t work?
Yes, but tell me one production house that didn’t have a failure. I’ve done lots of things right, and I’ve had a lot of success, so it was okay to have a failure. I was new to the role of a producer, so I made mistakes, and some wrong choices. Having said that, I’m proud of my first venture. I put in a lot of hard work. And I took responsibility for the things I did right, and for the things I did wrong. There were losses, but they were mine. No one else lost money in it.

Has acting taken a back seat?
I’m not done with acting. But I’m not going to wear small bits of cloth and dance around. I didn’t do it when I started my career; I won’t do it now. Unless I get a role which is powerful, it won’t appeal to me. I’m glad I made business investments, because it gave me the confidence financially to make brave choices. If I hadn’t done that, I’d still have been trying to play 19-year-olds in films. I know there are other avenues for me.

Could you tell us about the ‘avenues’ in which you plan to invest?
There are a lot of things. Give me a month or two, I’ll talk about them. I don’t want to speak about it before the IPL (Indian Premier League), because that might damage my business interests. Just like a script, you need to keep a business plan to yourself.

Your last hit film was in 2006, with Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna; your production didn’t make money. Has it been hard to find funding for your ventures?
I did films from 1998 to 2007. I made some sensible investments for me to be able to do what I’m doing now. Why are my ventures so difficult to comprehend? At one time, I was among the highest tax-paying Bollywood actresses. After Mr (Amitabh) Bachchan, I had the most number of endorsements. If I had a financier investing on my behalf, would he/she have let me take all the credit at the IPL? There was such a big issue, with the Enforcement Directorate looking into IPL accounts. If it wasn’t my money, wouldn’t they have caught me?



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