P for politics

Saddened by the current situation in the country, actor-businesswoman Preity Zinta is “thinking” about joining “politics” as she wants to be part of a movement to bring positive changes in India. “Of late, I have been thinking that I will join politics because it’s so sad what is happening to our country,” says Preity. “I really want to be somehow involved in positively changing our country… One fine day I’m going to come out and say vote for me,” she says.

The 38-year-old actor has even made an imaginary picture of Preity Zinta, the politician. She said: “I will be a very glamorous politician. I will have nice hair, nice clothes, and I will not be corrupt. How much do you genuinely need to eat? ‘Khaane ke liye aap biscuit hi khaate ho, gold biscuit to nahi khaate ho’.” Having said that, she hopes, “people like me don’t have to get into a political future, because there are good people.”



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