“Do random polygraph tests on IPL owners, players”

Kings XI Punjab owner Preity Zinta has advocated random polygraph tests for players, team management as well as team owners to cleanse cricket tournaments of spot fixing and other such evils.

“With so much money involved in the Indian Premier League, I would think polygraph test is the only way to go forward. We know that nobody is clever enough to fight a polygraph test,” Zinta told News24 Editor-in-Chief Anurradha Prasad in an exclusive interview on her show Aamne Saamne on Thursday. She added that players indulging in unethical means should be “banned for life”.

The actor-turned-businesswoman said polygraph tests are the only way to stop bad practices of players, who bring disrepute not only to the cricket league but the entire country. Zinta’s comments came in the wake of spot-fixing scandal involving Rajasthan Royals pacer S. Sreesanth and two others that stunned the cricket world on Thursday.

Asked to comment if the scandal will dent the IPL’s image, she said: “First of all, I am very angry. I, as an owner, feel that so much time and money spent on the mega event comes to a naught while we end up becoming victims. It’s very important that strong measures are taken now, because so much money is involved in this.”

Zinta said random polygraph tests on the lines of random dope testing in other games would bring truth to the fore. “Obviously you won’t ask who-are-having-affairs-with-whom kind of questions. And you never know who is involved who is not,” she said. When asked if she would take up the random polygraph test issue with the BCCI to stop spot fixing, Zinta said she being a sportsperson is prepared to attack anyone. “Absolutely! Even the BCCI wants to clean up the mess, because it has invested so much in IPL that it has now become a big property for the board, the fans and the country. A rotten apple spoils all apples. If there are more bad fish, it’s time to stop this,” she said.

Responding to a question if IPL, which has faced criticism in the past too for various controversies, should be banned, Zinta said “those who think like that should be banned first”, adding, “Betting must be legalised to curb spot fixing. Within two minutes, it will be known who is doing spot-fixing. There is betting all over the world.”



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