Preity cool!

Preity Zinta was, perhaps, trying to be in sync with the philosophy of her first production venture Ishkq in Paris. Finally, after much dilly dallying the movie finds a release date and after much delay, the actress arrives for the promotions. Moving on, mumbles an apology, along with an excuse for the close to two-hour delay, which is lost in the din of the questions that everyone has for her. After all, it doesn’t get more inquisitive than cricket and cinema. “It’s like taking care of a new business altogether. It’s a whole lot of work. You only see me on the cricket field where there’s nothing much for me to do, but you don’t see me in the boardroom where it’s hectic.”

It’s been “five years of settling the business and now that the CEO can be ready to take over,” hopefully she’ll come back to where she started from, the films. “Whenever a star’s absent from the silver screen for a while, there’s always a pressure of expectations from the next film,” admits Prem Raj, the director, in tow with the actor Rhehan Malliek. He adds, “After watching this film, you’ll all say, ‘Oh Preity, why did you disappear?”

The winter look of the posters might suggest a last Fall release, but the freezing backdrop of France might work well in the holiday season and boiling India. “It’s a decent family entertainer; right from children to grandparents can watch it.”

While there are no biographical connotations, the script borrows from influences around. “In this film, I’ve taken a lot from my friends, their life and even my life, but it’s not my story.” She adds, “This film is important to me because it has my name on it. Since it’s my first production so there’s much more creative involvement than any other film. It’s shaped up really well and all’s well that ends well.”

The Indian model and television actor is literally starting afresh and chose to begin his initials. Gaurav Chanana of the tele-series Sanjivani re-emerges as Rhehan Malliek and would like to be referred to as one. “I thought it’s a good way to start afresh and why not.” Between playing the beloved medico of small screen and starting new with the film, there’s a really long spell of absence. “I have been traveling all this while, doing theatre with Barry John and just taking a break.” He adds, “I play Akash, a film agent in London, who meets this new girl and how his life changes completely.”

Ishkq in Paris happened only post an audition and a photoshoot with Preity Zinta. “She helped me a lot.” There’s always a flipside of working with a star.“Even if I do get over-shadowed by her, it’s all right. She’s Preity Zinta.”

An October to May delay is just a part of the miscellaneous reasons for the director Prem Raj. “We started shooting in the beginning of 2012 and wrapped up in August; hoped for an ambitious October release, which for some reasons did not happen. I also had certain health issues. Otherwise, one-and-a-half year is the normal time any film takes.” The film talks about two people meeting each other without being committed. He adds, “It talks about how you find everything in Paris but not love.” Apart from Paris, that the “film has been completely shot in,” there’s French actor Isabelle Adjani sharing the credits. “The script required a French actor and fortunately for us, she agreed. She plays a very strong character in the film and revealing anything beyond would be like giving away too much.”



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