New Theatrical Trailer – Ishkq in Paris

The wait is finally over, Ishkq in Paris is releasing on May 24th! With that spirit they have launched a new trailer. Make sure you check it out and share it with all your friends. What do you think?


One Response to New Theatrical Trailer – Ishkq in Paris

  1. Perez says:

    Isn’t this new theatrical trailer far better than the previous one!???

    There are certain glimpses I had to pause and I went berserk over her attractiveness. Like the scene from the window where Akash and she are looking into a tab, the scene where Ishkq is crying and Akash is trying to caress her cheek, the scene where Akash lies on bed shirtless and Ishkq is wearing his shirt and the afterglow on her face! Wow!

    There are certain scenes where I’m like why did you do this to your face! Like where Akash says Tum bhi meri zindagi ki sabse badi galati ho! And Ishkq looks stiff and angry! Not much punch into the emotions expressed. The scene where it’s raining and Ishkq is crying with her palm on her face! Why!!!

    Priety looked so better! Even in Yeh Raastey Hai Pyaar Ke and Dil Ne Jise Apna kaha eventhough in both she looks so different! But this current face of Preity is the best for roles like Heroes and Heaven on Earth where she wears indian clothes!

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