We have left rough patches behind: Preity Zinta

As the battle bugle for yet another season of IPL is set to be sounded on Tuesday, Preity Zinta is back in Chandigarh as the team Punjab co-owner, strategizing a brand new plan to secure a finishing berth for her team under Adam Gilchrist.

Irrespective of what the fate of her team has been in the last five years since the IPL format was conceived, Preity displays an unflinching, never-say-die attitude as she bounces back with renewed vigour this season. She displays a steely resolve not to concede defeat, no matter how insurmountable the challenges in the past may have been.

“We have had a rough patch in the past few years. There have been controversies and a run in with the BCCI compounded our problems,” says Preity, who has always been very passionate about her team, “But all that is sorted now. It is behind us and we are off to an optimistic new season.”

While candidly admitting the failings of her team, which she co-owns, Preity says: “A large part of our problems happened because we did not perform consistently from the very beginning. But we have rectified that and now we are going to do better.”

The team administration may not be revealing plans for the entertainment blitzkrieg yet, but the actor’s heightened enthusiasm on the greens at PCA, Mohali and HPCA Dharamshala, have been enough of excitement. At every high point of the matches, Preity has got on to the field, sprinting around to cheer her team, throwing merchandise at the swelling crowds, flashing her famous dimpled smile without discrimination at both the stands and the VVIP enclosure.

“I am reactive as a person. This is part of my personality. I cannot just sit quietly and do nothing, I must react! There are others who don’t react. It is their way of showing their feelings,” she said.

With the first home match scheduled for April 10 against Chennai, Preity has a lot of hope of succeeding as a businessperson with her investment in IPL. Besides, it seems like good tidings for the actor who is also debuting as a film producer soon.



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