I have come out of a difficult time: Preity Zinta

c For Preity Zinta this summer is all about new hope. While it is the dawn of a new season of IPL for this Team Punjab co-owner, she is soon going to release her debut film as producer also, and believes that finally her dream of being a ‘successful’ business person, rather than being just a business person, is straddling optimism.

Your IPL team has been on a roller coaster, except last year when it did fairly well. So far, this year there have been no controversies for the team either.
Which means for a change, we can focus only on the game, instead of other things, isn’t it? Yeah, we’ve been kind of up and down last few years, we had issues of not being consistent with our game from the beginning, we’ve lost our game, had issues with the BCCI which complicated things further…but now everything is sorted. Despite all this, I feel we’ve been pretty lucky.

You sound very hopeful, is it because you have special plans for the team this year?
I am optimistic because of the way cricket as a game per se is going for India this year. We’ve just won the test series against Australia and there hasn’t even been a cricket overload lately. So, when good things are happening for the sport, there is a feeling of positivity that will also permeate IPL, na.

Despite the fact that IPL is being panned for causing cricketing fatigue?

This information is 100% wrong. Ever year we sit with the BCCI, we are given factual information on the numbers. Other sport have been around for centuries, while IPL has just had 4-5 years and is already at the number two spot for being the most watched sport. What fatigue are we talking about?

You’ve been one of the most expressive team owners in IPL. We’ve seen you get down to the stadium, run on the field, throw merchandise at spectators…
Because that’s the kind of person I am. I am very reactive towards everything. There are some who don’t react at all, they absorb everything quietly, while I would go all out and show my expressions. This is not part of some tamasha that I do; I do it because it is part of my personality.

And you don’t care what others think of you?
Why should I? People will always have an opinion, but you have to live life the way you want to. It is very easy to tell others what to do, but difficult to implement it on yourself. I had never thought I’d become an actor. And even when I did get into films, I remember I was shooting in Rajasthan for my debut film and had to take my final exams for criminal psychology. I cancelled the shoot to take my exams because I had promised my mom that I would complete my education even if became an actor. You don’t see too many actors do this kind of thing.

But isn’t it natural for people to make up stories when an actor goes on a sabbatical from films, like you did three years ago?
You know, when I got into IPL in 2008 I was at the peak of my career, doing 3-4 films a year. But I had hit a plateau. Since I had invested into the team, and didn’t know anything about cricket or business, I wanted to learn the ropes very well. Then, I got busy raising the team. I’m a competitive and hard working person who had always dreamt of being a businesswoman. I realized that it wasn’t possible for me to juggle two things and do both equally well. I wanted to understand the dynamics of a start-up business as its owner, not as its CEO or chairperson. Films are a part of my being, they don’t define me. I have this whole thing that when God gives you more than you have imagined, you should give it back.

So, you believe in God?

I’m a very spiritual person. I believe that the universe manifests itself in ways that cannot be explained rationally and that for me, is spiritual. I also believe in Karma. Like Newton said, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, your Karmas catch up with you. I am doing my Karmas right, as for the others who mess it up, they have to repay, I am sure.

Finally, the much hyped question…when does Ishkq in Paris release?

Sigh! Like every filmmaker announces his film, I too am going to make an announcement…soon. You know, this is not a gossip thing which people can endlessly speculate about…this is ‘my’ business, and I know when and how to do it. I have come out of a very difficult time last year… my director wasn’t well, my film was getting stuck. For me, the important thing is my film should do well, not just get released. Now, everything is fine and I feel this year will bring better luck. I am ready for it all.



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