Preity Zinta is very much in touch with me, says ‘Ishkq In Paris’ director

Prem Raj, director of Preity Zinta’s upcoming film ‘Ishkq In Paris’, is hurt to read reports about rift between him and Preity. Ishkq In Paris’ ran into rough weather because of director’s ill health among other problems. Says Prem emotionally, “That is so hurtful, mean and damaging. ‘Ishkq In Paris’ is as much Preity’s baby as mine. She is very much in touch with me .We’ve no problems with one another at all. This story is very saddening.”

Now the film is finally ready for release in May. The beleaguered project which is Preity Zinta’s first production was initially scheduled for release in September 2012 on the same Friday as Gauri Shinde’s ‘English Vinglish’.

But then the director Prem Raj fell seriously ill and had to leave for London for remedial surgery. Healed and recovered Prem recently returned to Mumbai only to have producer Preity being faced with interrogation by the Enforcement Directorate.

However, we hear that now when Prem is back in Mumbai and has finished all the post-production work on ‘Ishkq In Paris’, the film is all set for a May release.

Says Prem, “I am now in Mumbai. Preity seems to be working on the film’s release date. I think most probably it’s going to release in May.”



One Response to Preity Zinta is very much in touch with me, says ‘Ishkq In Paris’ director

  1. Perez says:

    I hope it is 10th May or 17th May. Because on 31st May YJHD (Ranbir-Deepika) is releasing and it’s a Kjo-Ayan Mukerjee film.

    It’s weird, I hadn’t liked IIP’s songs initially. But now I think they’re all cool! They’ll sound and look so good in the film! I wish the film does 30cr+ business!

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