Preity Zinta unfazed by competition

The past few days have not been easy for actor Preity Zinta who is distraught with the sudden demise of filmmaker Yash Chopra. She points out that ‘being a Yash Chopra heroine is something that every Bollywood actress dreams of.’ “While most people think that playing the lead in Yashji’s films meant being portrayed as the most beautiful woman on screen, those of us who have worked with him know that it meant a lot more than just that,” says the actor who was directed by Chopra in Veer Zaara, besides having acted in other films under his banner.

Recalling her experiences of working with him, Preity reveals that the King of Romance was the most indulgent filmmaker. “He was my papa bear and I was his princess, and he treated me like one on the sets too. From what I wore to what I ate, he pampered me and took care of me like a father would. We had ganna juice, if I felt like it. And he would make sure that the cook prepared my favourite kadhi-chawal on the sets. For him, people and their comfort mattered the most. I’ll always miss him,” adds the actor, as she struggles not to break into tears. “While shooting, he would always tell me that I look prettier in Indian wear and recently when we met at Mr Bachchan’s bash, he pointed out that I was looking lovely in the Indian outfit I was wearing at the time. It was touching because despite his ill-health, he remembered what he had told me eight years ago,” says Preity.

In fact, the filmmaker has been a huge inspiration to her now that she is making her own debut as a producer, says Preity. “It isn’t an easy job! Each day has been a learning experience. I’m taking it slow, but not easy,” she reveals. Preity plans to produce more films, but insists that right now, it’s too early to talk about them.About Ishkq in Paris she says that she feels like a mum-in-waiting. “I’m sure this is how a soon-to-be-mum must feel. I can’t wait to see the baby,” she says, as the release date of her maiden production approaches. Ask the actor if she regrets missing out on the thrill of a Friday release in her time away from the limelight, and she replies with a quick ‘NO’! “The fact that I took a break on my own terms, did what I wanted to do, made my own mistakes, learnt my lessons, and could still do what I want to, is what matters to me. I’m always going to be proud of the way I live my life, because, good or bad, right or wrong, I’ve made all the choices myself and have stood by them. Not many people can say that they have, so no regrets at all,” says Preity.

Ask her about competition and she says nonchalantly, “Competition has always been there and will always be there, that’s never something I ponder on. I leave it to the rest to worry about it. I just do my bit to the best of my abilities and move on. I feel blessed that I’ve never had to stoop to desperate levels that several others have. In that respect, I think I am lucky,” adds Preity.



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