Release of ‘Ishkq in Paris’ is indefinitely

It takes guts, not to mention a whole lot of surplus funds, to postpone a film’s release. Preity Zinta has not only put off the release of her maiden production’s release indefinitely, she has made it clear to her entire team that the film would be released only when the director Prem Raj who is seriously ill (he was detected with cancer recently), is able to complete all the post-production work.

Says Prem gratefully, “I offered to let someone else take over the post-production. But Preity is very clear on this issue. She told me we’re in this together and only I will complete the post-production of Ishkq In Paris, no matter how long it takes. I am grateful to Preity for standing by me even if it meant postponing our film’s release for the third time.”

It is now uncertain when Ishkq In Paris would release since Prem leaves for surgery in the first week of December.

“Hopefully I will be fully healed after the surgery. I have a very simple logic for being hopeful. How much more would God want to test me?” wonders the beleaguered filmmaker.



3 Responses to Release of ‘Ishkq in Paris’ is indefinitely

  1. Perez says:

    Now I wish, She starts the promotions afresh, whenever she does.
    And I’ve almost left hope for the film doing well…
    Though ofcourse Preity will be loved for me forver!!!
    I wish Baiyaaji Superhit becomes a hit!

  2. katyira1 says:

    Preity is supporting Prem, as fans we should support her. I am praying for him, her and the entire situation. The test is not only for her, but for us as well –

    • Perez says:

      Ofcourse! I am still in full support for Preity! I will forever love her! I’m just being too frustrated with the way things are shaping up for this film. I’m too disappointed with all the fans who have turned away from Preity in favour of the younger lot.
      Infact Ive been reading rumours that distributors are not ready to buy the film. If this is true I will never ever see Hindi cinema ever again!

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