It’s a family business!

As they say, it all runs in the family. That’s definitely true in the case of Preity Zinta’s niece, Maya Zinta, who is following her aunt’s footsteps. She plays a cameo in Preity’s debut production, Ishkq In Paris.

All of six years old, Maya is the daughter of Preity’s brother, and lives in Los Angeles with her family. She was in the country when Preity and director Prem Soni were auditioning little girls to play the role of the young Preity.

As Prem says, “We couldn’t find anyone who fit the part perfectly.” That’s when Maya entered the picture. “We auditioned many girls, but we couldn’t find anyone who even slightly resembled Preity. When we saw Maya, we were taken aback as she looks exactly like her aunt,” says Prem.

So, was the little one open to acting in films? Prem says, “Maya is very young, so she didn’t really care much about acting. For her, it was more of an adventure. She was more than excited to be a part of her aunt’s film. From the professional point of view, she was extremely nice to work with.”



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