Preity at the music release of ‘Ishkq in Paris’

Today, Preity released the soundtrack of her ‘baby’ Ishkq in Paris. The movie has five songs. You already have heard ‘It’s all about tonight’ and ‘Kudiye Di Kurti’. Other songs from the soundtrack are: ‘Jaane Bhi De’, ‘Teri Choodiyan Da Crazy Crazy Sound’, ‘Jaane Bhi De’ (duet) and ‘Saiyaan’. Which one is your favourite number? The soundtrack is available to buy from today! So make sure you get a legal copy and spread the love!

On the occasion was present, none other than Preity’s friend in need, Salman Khan to lend his support to the release. Other attendees were the cast and crew from the movie. Preity wore a black (Zara) dress with a peplum skirt with neon pink (very much on trend) pumps. I love her outfit, the pumps make the dress complete! Thanks PreityZintaFr for the tip-off!

The full movie promotions start from October, so get ready (because I am!) to see Preity’s fashion choices, interesting interviews and much more scoop! Click here or the image to view images from the event. Have you already listened to the music? Comment or tweet me with your thoughts!


One Response to Preity at the music release of ‘Ishkq in Paris’

  1. Perez says:

    Preity looks very classy in this outfit! I’ve always observed that her nails re never too long and the paint on them is never glaringly OTT!

    Of the music: Apart from Jaane Bhi De (duet as well as Wajid-sung) and It’s all about tonight (in that order), I haven’t liked any other tracks. SAIYAAN is such a let down, and I wonder how was it supposed to be an ODE to Nusrat Saab!

    I’m superrrr excited that Preity will finally be coming to AHMEDABAD for the first time ever for her film promotions! She came to Gujarat for the first time only last year with a business proposal to Narendra Modi and that in Gandhinagar! I hope to meet her this time after my debacle in LIFT KARA DE even after coming on the TV!

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