Collections have changed but not cinema, says Preity

At a time when grossing Rs 100 crore is the new benchmark for a film’s success, actress-turned-producer Preity Zinta says collections have not changed cinema.

“It is brilliant that films are earning Rs 100 crore. And that is the way it is going to be ahead. It’s a different ball game. Because of the billion people in our country, the kind of viewership is different,” Preity told .

Having won accolades in the last 14 years of her journey in the industry, in which she did some 35 odd films, Preity is positive about the changes ushering in.

“I think collections have changed but cinema has not. Cinema will always remain constant, emotions remain same. The collection, demographics have changed,” she said.

The bubbly actress is charged up for her upcoming film ‘Ishkq in Paris’, also marking her debut as a producer. She launched her own production company PZNZ Media last year.

“I think pressure is always there in life for anything you do. But I always chose to look straight. I used to think if I can handle IPL, then I can do anything. But as a producer it was very tough,” the 37-year-old actress said.

“When I started with IPL, everyone was like how can you be the number one actress and leave everything. But that time I wanted to follow my heart. I was not getting excited about acting and films then,” she said.

“The real story is we needed to make it with two newcomers, we never wanted an established star. As a producer I had first decided we will make it as a small budget film. When we were developing our script, one day Prem told me you have to be part of it,” she said.



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