I live life for myself: Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta lashes out at critics, talks about marriage and her first production, Ishkq In Paris, which will clash with Heroine at the BO.

How is life as a producer?
Acting in itself is a lot of work. Production is all of that multiplied by 100. But after the Indian Premier League (IPL), I can do anything. Now, I feel like all of this (production, etc) is a piece of cake.

Ishkq In Paris had me strained a little extra because I have co-written it. The effort came right from the beginning: first as a writer, then as a producer and finally, as an actor. If I was only acting in it, I would have been okay, but now that I have also co-written it, I am a bit nervous. But I like to multi-task.

Why did you not pick a more popular male co-star?
I didn’t want a big star in my film because then I would have had to go around his dates. Since I am already writing, producing and acting in it, the actor should fit into our plan and not vice versa.

Some feel that you got into production because you had no new film offers…

Some people always say certain things. In the past three years, some of the biggest hits have been offered to me with all the best actors. But I really don’t have to point out such things. When I am down and out, are these people out there to help me? No. I live my life for myself. So when I am old and dying, I will tell myself, ‘I lived my life the way I wanted to.’

Your movie will clash with Sridevi’s comeback film and Kareena Kapoor’s Heroine…
I would have loved a solo release. But I announced September 21 as my release date first.

How are you going to manage your IPL team and films?
For two months in the year, I have to be physically present with my IPL team. But now, I have a CEO and professionals running it.

Is marriage on the cards?
Not now. But I have a pundit ready, who will tell me about the right time and man to get married to (laughs). I have always been very transparent, so you guys will know. Par ab koi nahi hai toh what do I do? (Right now I don’t have a boyfriend) Plus, with cricket, films and production, who has the time? Though one day, I will definitely get married.



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