Ishkq in Paris – It’s all about tonight (song promo)

The second trailer is out! It is a 21 second promo of Preity dancing the night away… it is quite a catchy song! What say guys?


7 Responses to Ishkq in Paris – It’s all about tonight (song promo)

  1. Perez says:

    Honestly, I don’t like what she’s done to her face! She looks so much better chubby! But I still lover her!
    Rehaan doesn’t look like a male-lead especially with the so-apparent plucked-eyebrows, unusually-long nose and lip-gloss on his lips in every frame he’s there! But I pray he does a good job and impresses people.
    The song should have been Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy composed. It would have completed the string:
    It’s the time to disco
    Where’s the party tonight
    It’s all about tonight

  2. Perez says:

    I don’t know why but I’m waiting more for Bhaiyyaji Superhit. Especially because I want to see Preity in an interesting role. The role seems to be quite similar to Parineeti chopra’s Ishqzaade! Only that Preity has the fast-speaking dimension to her charachter!

  3. Perez says:

    Between the 0:04 and 0:05 there’s a portion when Preity smiles. She looks GREAT the in that part!

  4. andyM says:

    i love the pz then than the pz now…to put it bluntly, i don’t want to use the word ugly but hey lets call a spade a spade.

    • Perez says:

      If only she reads this and gets that look back! I’m sure that’s possible! But even then somewhere I think she knows what she has been doing and I realize that that’s her personal thing! I THINK THE WAY SHE CARRIES HERSELF (AND EVEN ON SCREEN), SHE’LL LOOK ATTRACTIVE; THIS TIME SOLELY ON THE WAY SHE CARRIES HERSELF!

  5. kyuzara says:

    cant wait for october!! miss pz so much!!! the promo is awesome!! whatever ppl said bout her face or whatever i dun care,coz she’s still the same pz i know! she never change,she’s still the same Preity Zinta! LOVE PZ!!

  6. kyuzara says:

    oh by the way I loved the song since I saw the trailer for the first time! plus its Sunidhi who sing the song..Best part when preity sing Ah oui oui mon cherie hehehehe so cutee

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