Salman Khan is Preity Zinta’s trump card

The bubbly actress of Bollywood, Preity Zinta is all set for her first film Ishkq in Paris as a producer. She is nervous yet excited about the film and hopes people will like it. In an exclusive interview to Daily Bhaskar, Preity talks about being a producer, her film and Salman Khan.

From acting to producing films, how easy or difficult was it?
This is not a complete change, if we look at it. I became an actor and now, the next step is getting into production. Is a lot of hard work, I have a new found respect for producers because technically it’s like a thankless job. We faced a lot of hardships while making this film. It was a mix of fun and tough days.

What prompted you to be a producer?
When I started acting, I didn’t know anything about it, in fact I never wanted to be an actress. Then, I got into the line and worked very hard. Life was great, but I reached a point where I was the No. 1 actress, had all the big roles and directors and then I felt, now what? There was a saturation point where I thought where to go from here. I’m a very thinking person, I don’t stop at one point and feel yes, I have achieved it. I keep going and need more and more. So that is why I got in cricket which was a difficult task but now after years it’s settled. One fine day we were sitting in the stadium and we lost a match, I was sad and cribbing why did we lose the match because it was the last game, if we would have won we would have been qualified for the semi finals. That time Dalai Lama was sitting beside me and he said it’s ok don’t worry about it, that time I told him that I don’t like to lose. To this, he said, ‘what difference it makes? I don’t see you holding a bat, it’s not your ground, play in your own field if you really want to win. These words were very inspirational for me and I realized that he was right. That time, Prem my friend, who has written the film had come down to make a movie. We became so excited that sitting at the Dharamshala only we started making the script. In two days I did the scripting and I fell in love with every moment of writing the film.

How was it working with newcomers?
It’s been an uphill journey again, I’m working with a new director, who is just one film old but he is very talented. I didn’t feel I’m working with someone new but the actor in my film is new and have realized that he doesn’t even know the focus mark and where to stand. I’m really thankful to Shah Rukh and Manisha for tolerating me in Dil Se.. So when I’m performing with him I look at him more than thinking for myself, which is a very big thing to do because as actors, you want to think about yourself and not others. I won’t say, I was like a teacher but yes I had to guide him all through. When the movie was midway, I realized that I chose a path but the most difficult one.

What you have to say about the plot of the film?
It’s a romantic comedy set in Paris. It’s a movie about today, 2012. It has a message, I have always said a film should be entertaining and people should take something back from it. I don’t have problems with mindless entertainment, but I don’t like putting my name in that mindless entertainment. I wouldn’t mind to be a part of one but I can’t produce it. I hope people will connect to it.

Music has become an integral part of a film, what Ishqq In Paris has in store?
It will have all the types of songs. Sounds which you have never heard before, from romantic to hip hop. Sajid Wajid have done the best job and I’m sure this will be their best for the year. They have hit a six out of the stadium.

How was it trying you hand on story writing?
Me and Prem had a lot of fun writing the film. We had good and bad ideas, but we never had an ego problem.

As per reports, there are French words in the film, do you think it can create a problem for the audience?
The film is set in France and we have used a few French words in between the film. There are no huge sentences in it, I think my fans can give me that much liberty.

A newcomer in the film, do you repent?

I think what I said that I had to guide him, after that I can also say that this guidance he took it right and has done an excellent job. I was impressed with him, whatever information I kept giving him, he took it well and did what the film needed.

What you have to say about Salman’s role?
In a game of cards, when do you take out you best card? In the end, right? So, he is my A card, the audience have to wait and watch. He is fabulous in the film.



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