Don’t need to expose to show talent: Preity Zinta

Much has happened in Preity Zinta’s life – personally and professionally – in the four years that the actor had traded her make-up easel for corporate power suits as the owner of a cricket team. “I was at the peak of my career when I switched to cricket. The question I had for myself was, ‘I have reached the top of the mountain, now what?’ So I changed the mountain and started the climb all over again, till I was facing the same question, ‘now what?’ Each time it’s been a gamble, but worth the risk,” she says explaining her switches. But now moving back from the cricket field to being in front of the camera once again, Preity feels nothing’s changed. What also hasn’t changed, we realise as we chat with the actor, is her firebrand honesty, and the energy that had first aided her in her ascent to the top in Bollywood. And there’s no mincing of words, as she talks about her new role and also about ‘home-breakers’.

New innings: Preity’s comeback vehicle Ishqk in Paris also marks her debut as a co-writer and producer and it is these roles that have her more thrilled than just facing the camera again. “I am excited as an actor and producer, but super nervous because I’ve also co-written the film. It’s a different ball game altogether and definitely not easy,” she says. And though the actor reveals that she has drawn inspiration from her life, the film is not biographical. “My character shares my zest for life,” she adds.

Game of thrones: Now back in the race, is she wary of competition from the reigning stars? “Not at all, I think I am in my own space. Today some of my peers are still here, but there are others who are new. It’s unfair to be compared to the newer lot. I have been there done that, proven myself, please don’t make comparisons and make it harder for them. Whatever I have achieved has been purely on talent. Like is the case today, I’ve never had to resort to 100 grams of clothing to show that talent,” says Preity.

Braveheart: We ask the actor if she’s driven by heart or head and Preity replies, “I try to be realistic, and use my head, but my heart is more dominant. I try to keep the balance though,” she smiles. “But head or heart, I live on my own terms. You have only one life, so have the courage to make a choice and then stick by it. That’s my thumb rule for life,” she says.

Lessons learnt:
“Life’s all about parties and fake friends when you are successful, but it’s when you fail that you learn the most. So, I will have these lessons held close to heart on my innings here,” says Preity.

Miss Congeniality: The actor is known to share warm equations with her co-stars, who consider her their closest buddy. “That’s because I am not only friends with them, but also with their wives. Gauri, Sussanne, Twinkle… I’m closer to them. Besides, I always know where to draw that line in my friendship with my male stars.”

Home-breakers beware! Actresses are often known to use their proximity to stars as a ladder. But Preity reveals that she has no respect for such women. “I have a very low opinion of women who are home-breakers. They affect not only a relationship between husband and wife, but emotionally scar the childeren too. So, I hate these star-clinging actresses who use men as ladders to reach to the top. I have made it to the top on my own and see no reason why anyone else can’t?” shares Preity.

Not missing romance: There’s lot of it happening in the film for me to miss it,” she smiles. “After the film, may be? Who knows, you can’t plan love, right?”



2 Responses to Don’t need to expose to show talent: Preity Zinta

  1. Sandeep chouhan says:

    We a get a risk we aposibility to a all thing we ll thought love suport like we ahonest truth belive a suces to a betr

  2. Perez says:

    This interview reminds me of the way Preity used to give interviews before 2007! The ones I read in the film-magazines and made me learn a lot from her!

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