Video: Preity’s test shoot for Ishkq in Paris

Do you remember the above photoshoot? Well, there is more to watch! Click the image above to watch a video of the photoshoot Preity had with Ash Gupta. Enjoy!


13 Responses to Video: Preity’s test shoot for Ishkq in Paris

  1. Perez says:

    Why not post pics of the recent Photoshoot???
    This one’s a month old I think!

  2. Amar says:

    Can anyone tell me is this the vogue photo shoot? When will the pics be out and it’s for which magazine?

    • Perez says:

      Amar, I believe this isn’t the picture taken for the Vogue shoot! BTW i must tell you, as you seem to be unaware; Vogue is a well known fashion magazine! So the pix will be out in the Vogue next issue!

    • Worship Elle says:

      It will be for Vogue India. Not sure which month. Maybe the upcoming month…

    • Perez says:

      Hey Amar,
      can u please tell me when and where was this pic taken?

  3. Amar says:

    Perez, i know about Vogue and its class. i know how reputed magazine it is.
    And i agree its not the vogue photoshoot. She wore something red in that. Anyways thanks for the reply.
    Wprship Elle – Waiting for the next issue of Vogue.
    Any update on ‘ up cloase and personal with PZ season 2’???

  4. Amar says:


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