First look of Ishkq in Paris

The first look is out! What do you think? It looks so mysterious and romance is sparkeling! Share your views in the comments! The trailer will release by the end of the month.


4 Responses to First look of Ishkq in Paris

  1. Perez says:

    They say it looks like a remake of a bad-hollywood movie Before Sunrise! Whatever they say, I have full faith on Preity! And even for the second film that she has started scripting!

  2. Amar says:

    Finally! The poster arrives…any idea when will the trailer unveil????
    And do u know anything about her future projects???
    Bhaiya Ramji???

  3. Perez says:

    Even I hope Jai Ramji comes to Preity Zinta! Worship Elle: If you have chance to speak to her (I suppose you might) why don’t you to ask (tweet or anything) her to do WHITE jo Mahesh Manjarekar banane wala tha! I think Preity should do serious films als!!!

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