Preity at the launch of ‘Ishkq in Paris’

Preity hosted a launch party to celebrate the opening of Ishkq in Paris. Among the guest where Amitabh Bachchan and Susanne Roshan.

Above, a part of the cast of Preity’s latest movie Ishkq in Paris. Also spotted is Rhehan, the new boy in town who is part of the movie!

Preity wore her favourite black John Galliano blazer, with a white skirt. She stayed true to the classic french black-white combination. Although I expected her to dazzle on her own movie launch. Her look has no ‘wow’ factor. What is your verdict?

After the party, Amitabh wrote a very touching note on his blog on Preity. Click more to read the note and to view a video from the event.

Preity Zinta produces and acts in a film which also has in its cast the beautiful Isabelle Adjani from France. Isabelle is in town for its shoot and Preity invites us for a party at the Sofitel Hotel, hosted by the French Ambassador, to meet the lovely lady. Its a quiet dignified evening, and because I am fond of Preity, I go along for precisely 10 minutes, to wish her and her guest. But there is media in abundant force, a red carpet and banners of the film against which celebs that get invited are asked to pose for a picture by the media. Nothing wrong, it is an accepted norm. Isabelle is French, it is the French ambassador hosting the evening at the Sofitel, a French brand Hotel, the film is ‘Ishk in Paris’ I think, and has been shot 90% in France !! Makes sense to publicize the evening. I have always admired Preity for her drive and guts in a world that can be most cruel to a single girl. But just look at the way she has managed her career, all alone, without any traditional assistance from the Industry. She is frank and painfully honest and outspoken to the ‘o’, and that is an admirable quality, for a girl that had to face some rather tragic and unfortunate events very early in her life. She put her hand into business, knew nothing about it, but was determined to educate herself. So she went across to USA for a short course in business management at a prestigious College and came back wiser, educated and a lot more confident and not for a moment keeping too far away from her profession of choice – films !


2 Responses to Preity at the launch of ‘Ishkq in Paris’

  1. Amar says:

    The best Part about this video!
    Preity says that she is doing other films too!!!

    • Perez says:

      Well yes that’s the best part about it!!! I hope she does more films.. and all different from the other! Have you heard about WHITE that mahesh manjarekar was roumored to make with Preity.. I hope she does something like that!!!!

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