Preity Zinta is scripting another film

During the last IPL when Preity Zinta showed up in Dharamshala everyone thought she’s here to root for her Team Punjab, oblivious of her strong filmy ambitions of turning into a script writer with “Ishkq In Paris”.

Though last year the secret slipped out late, we have the latest news from her recent Dharamshala outing that she’s started to work on another script, which certainly is not a sequel to “Ishkq In Paris”.

Confirming this Preity said, “That’s true. I have got on with another story line. But it’s at a very early stage. I am yet to decide on the title of the movie.”” Sources close to PZ said, “Since she belongs to Himachal Pradesh, she always likes to initiate things from her home state. Also, her creativity heightens in tranquil environs”. We heard she even invoked divine blessings for her second innings as a script writer. The chances of PZ also assisting as a director are high.

When asked whether the second untitled flick will take off from where “IIP” will end, Preity said, “Not at all. It’s a brand new story with lot of visual elements too. I plan to shoot this project in Himachal and some lesser known destinations in north India”. PZ stayed in Dharamshala for four days to make optimum use of her spare time. “She used to be up till late to examine various angles of her film’s plot. During the no match day she even visited some places in the hill state to scout for locales.””

The final draft of the movie will be out when PZ visits Mumbai for a meeting with her latest constituted team of creative and technical people. “I am very excited about the project,” said Preity while keeping suspense over her role in this venture. “Just wait,” is what she left us with…



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