Gaurav Chanana in Ishkq In Paris as the lead actor?

Everybody has been wondering who the new face in Preity Zinta’s Ishkq In Paris is. BT has discovered that it is television actor Gaurav Chanana (remember Dr Rahul Mehra from the medical drama Sanjeevani?). He will play the lead in PZ’s first production.

The TV actor went off the radar some time ago and was later seen in bit parts in films like Woh Tera Naam Tha (2004), Zinda (2006) and Kajraare (2010). Despite speculation that the film will have a “new” face, sources reveal that the lead actor is none other than Gaurav.

Directed by Prem Soni (Main Aur Mrs Khanna), the makers plan to keep his presence in the project under wraps and only reveal it at a later stage. However, a source from the unit confirms that Gaurav indeed is the face but has been asked to lay low and only surface when the film’s promotion begins.

Zinta’s team noticed him. They felt he was the right choice for the character, and after a couple of auditions he was finalised for the role.

Interestingly, Chanana has even been given a new screen name – Rehaan – and will be relaunched with this film.



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