Preity’s man in Ishkq In Paris is newcomer Rhehan!

Newsbreak around Salman Khan doing a cameo in Preity Zinta’s Ishkq In Paris has fetched quite some attention for itself. However, there is one more surprise in the film. While it is obvious that Salman won’t be seen in the film from start to the finish, the leading man who would be giving company to Preity is a new find Rhehan. Though the makers plan to keep him in wraps for some more time to come (including his pictures), our sources spill the beans.

“Yes, Rhehan is indeed the name of the newcomer who is being launched with Preity. Though it is a norm to launch new girls opposite established heroes, it seldom happens vice versa. Rhehan really impressed both Preity as well as director Prem Soni and both decided to lend him this big break”, informs our source.

Makers are keeping mum though about Rhehan’s background and want to reveal it only at a later stage. However, based on insiders who have had a dekko at some of the stills from the film, he boasts of really good looks and compliments Preity’s persona.

“He is one dashing handsome man and is different from those chocolate boys who step into the industry every week”, the source adds, “Moreover he has also impressed them with his acting skills in the first schedule that was recently completed in Paris. Rhehan is being really guarded by Preity and Prem so far. He is going to be a huge surprise element when the film’s first Look would be launched.”

Incidentally this is also the first time that Preity is working with a newcomer in a mainstream film. However, Prem Soni was convinced that the film required a newcomer instead of someone established.

“Prem isn’t enamoured with stars. After all, he has worked with superstars like Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor in the past. However for Ishkq In Paris he was sure to bring in a newcomer due to the film’s fresh appeal. He has shot the movie quite differently as well and a new face like Rhehan ably compliments Preity”, the source adds.

When contacted, Prem did confirm the news. He said, “Yes, Rhehan is being launched as the leading man opposite Preity in Ishkq In Paris. But I won’t be able to reveal much information about him as of now. All I can say is that he has justified his presence in the film and makes for a fantastic couple with Preity.”



One Response to Preity’s man in Ishkq In Paris is newcomer Rhehan!

  1. waaaah 5 months to go!! cant wait!!!

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