Salman’s ‘friendly’ appearance for Preity

Three years ago, Zinta did a cameo in Khan’s production; now he has agreed to work in the first film for her banner

Salman Khan and Preity Zinta are buddies who will always be there for each other. While Preity danced to the Happening song in Khan’s home production Main Aurr Mrs Khanna (2009) for free, Salman has agreed to be part of Preity’s first home production, Ishkq In Paris. The film is being directed by Prem Raj (who had earlier directed MAMK). Khan has agreed to do a song and a scene in the film.

Says a source, “Though Salman has an extremely busy schedule shooting for Dabangg 2, brand endorsements and show commitments, he always makes time for friends. After Preity returned from shooting her film in Paris last week, she went to meet Salman. She was keen that he be a part of her first film and was pleasantly surprised when the actor agreed.”

The source adds that the economics behind the deal was never an issue. “He is doing it as an emotional gesture. Prem is also grateful to Salman, firstly because he gave him a break as a director, and is now doing a cameo in his second film. Prem and Preity plan to ensure that the song becomes THE song of the year. Khan’s scene and song will be shot in April at a grand set in one of the local studios.”

Preity confirms, “Salman has agreed to be a part of Ishkq In Paris, but to know what he will be doing, you have to watch the film. His role has been woven into the script very nicely. We are very excited to have Salman on board. He’s always supported me and I love him with all my heart!”



One Response to Salman’s ‘friendly’ appearance for Preity

  1. Perez says:

    Seriously…Loveeeee Salman for this! He is indeed Preity’s most loyal friend! With Salman’s Cameo+Item number, intended to be THE song of the year..i finally feel Ishqk In Paris has an edge over atleast Aiyya!

    I hope this romantic film with a foreigner as the male lead (a french actor) would be accepted by our Indian audiences! I’m very apprehensive about it!

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