Update on the signing status of Preity with Bhaiyyaji Superhit

There is so much speculation on whether Preity has signed or has not signed Bhaiyyaji Superhit. Well, it looks like she has signed the movie! Many sources confirm that Preity is casted opposite Ameesha Patel, Tusshar Kapoor and Sunny Deol.

All together:
– Tusshar Kapoor confirms is a recent interview that Preity has signed on.
– Joginder Tuteja (journalist) confirms to me on Twitter that Preity is part of Bhaiyyaji Superhit.
– Last but not least a close friend of mine told me that a friend of him got a DM from Ameesha Patel. In that DM Ameesha wrote him that Preity is part of the cast!

It seems obvious that Preity has a new movie in her pocket! Well, Preity… awaiting your comment now.


5 Responses to Update on the signing status of Preity with Bhaiyyaji Superhit

  1. rajoudhary says:

    i am a best fan of you

  2. andyM says:

    pz has been in so many reported & subsequently denied movies that I take this bit of news with more than a grain of salt….such a beautiful & talented actress…one of the best that ever came out of bollywood yet she is being wasted.

    • Worship Elle says:

      Well, preity is responsible for her own choices. I dont think the movie industry is ignoring her. It might be so that she is getting the roles (stereotypical) which she refuses, that is possible. But to see talent got wasted.. Is not true. She has envolded her ‘business talents’ (question remaines if she was succesful) and her ‘television skills’. But her true talent is acting, and she is not making full use of it.

  3. Perez says:

    @andyM Yes, she has been wasted and also undervalued. I cringe when people even from the film industry believe she is not as talented as Rani. They don’t realize that Preity has only not been given enough opportunity! Infact I believe Preity overshadows Rani in all the films they have done together!

  4. Perez says:

    @Worship Elle well good to see that you’re too not a blind fan of PZ and analyse her moves critically. I too do. but ithoroughly feel it is the movie industry who has underutlized her..ofcourse initially she started off so well..she could have made her career which even rani and aishwarya would have envied if she had not tendedo go off track..i think Yash Raj films and Dharma Productions spoiled her career..Preity was so great and well without them..

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