Shiney Ahuja talks about ‘Har Pal’

In a recent interview Shiney Ahuja answers two questions on his upcoming movie with Preity. Read the Q&A below.

Q: Will we ever see you in a typical masala Bollywood love story sometime soon?
A: Why not, if a good script comes my way, I will surely take it up. Infact, my next film Har Pall is a love story. Preity Zinta has been cast opposite me in the film. It is a story of two neighbors and how they fall in love with each other.

Q: We have been hearing about Har Pall from long. When is the film finally releasing?
A: We have completed the shoot of the film. Now, Har Pall will hit the screens this summer.



One Response to Shiney Ahuja talks about ‘Har Pal’

  1. Perez says:

    We, the PZee fans, need to share the responsibility of spreading positive messages and advertisements for Har Pall. If it releases, it will be Preity’s first release in 2012 and it has to be good!

    I hope Shiney’s Ghost does well. He also has a role in Barfee. And I hope the indian audiences forget his court case and the drama.

    this film has to work.

    Please.. Let’s all join hands….

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