Preity still on with ‘Bhaiyyaji Superhit’?

In a recent interview with TOI Tusshar Kapoor confesses that Preity is signed for ‘Bhaiyyaji Superhit’:

Are you and Preity Zinta okay with each other now after your ‘botox’ comment about her on national television?

We are fine. She and I are even doing a film together. She signed up for Bhaiyyaji Superhit opposite Sunny Deol. She was very upset. I had called her up and we sorted it out. What I actually meant was that she still looks stunning.

The rumours are turning to be true or not? Because Preity recently tweeted that she is not doing a movie with Sunny Deol. Or did she meant something else? What is your take on the story?


7 Responses to Preity still on with ‘Bhaiyyaji Superhit’?

  1. Perez says:

    Hey Worship elle (Varsha) Im eager to know your take on this!

    If PZee is doing the film, she shouldn’t be romancing Sunny Deol. He’s too old! It’s be detrimental for her prospects! She should, I hope, do an independent and a strong role in the film. Like she did in Sameer Karnik’s HEROES. Remember how her performance was the best and the only good thing about that film!!!

    I wish she had accepted No One Killed Jessica and Ishqiya. Im driven nuts and so though im not too much into this thing, but astrologically Preity was said to have 2011 as her year and not 2013! 😦

    Because I read Ameesha is playing a glamorous diva in the film on whom all the three male actors keep hitting! I wonder what role Preity is playing. If Preity is co-producing the film, M sure she will stike a better deal for herself! But I personally feel she should rather invest in Mahesh Manjarekar’s WHITE.

    And it even sounds a even-making thing..because Rani had BLACK and Preity will have WHITE! Im so keen Preity does that film. If it isnt a great script, she can always improve it

    • Worship Elle says:

      Hi Perez,

      Thanks for your comments. It’s vandana btw. Well, I am confused! Preity is not very much talkative when it comes to movies. Those movies like Ishqia and NOKJ have passed. So no need to worry on released movies.

      To be honest, since I waited for so long to see PZ in a movie, I kind off think she is better off with out them. It is indeed her core business, but now I wonder if she should be in front of the camera’s.

  2. Perez says:

    I meant 2012..and not 2013

  3. Perez says:

    Preity should do rani had BLACK..

  4. Perez says:

    Ohh my God! Vandana! I don’t know how much will I GRIEVE her decision to do a full stop on her movie-career! It’ll be a terrible heart break for me! and why do you say that!!! Of course she always maintained that she would never go on and on with her film career; but I wish she realizes it would be better to leave at a crest and not during a low! I’ll pray every day she makes a respectable come back at least! Else who will I look upto! I feel for Preity the same way You feel. Im not explaining. But I know it.

    • Worship Elle says:

      He he ! I love seeing her expend her horizon. Since she hasnt been doing movies i have a feeling i know her much better. She is showing more the real pz. And if she does movies.. Than it should be good movies. This movie with Sunny sounds really lame lol!

      • perez says: for Isqk in.Paris to release..and till then m watching Love to Hate You over n over again..!! She looks so so good in that..n her experessions are juat awesome..!!

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