Har Pal releases two years later

National Award-winning director Jahnu Barua’s long-stalled film, Har Pal, will finally release next year. Starring Shiney Ahuja and Preity Zinta, the film was supposed to release in 2009.

But that year Shiney was accused of sexually molesting his maid, and so film could not see the light of day. Confirms Jahnu, “Things have started settling down now. It will release by June next year,” says Barua, adding that he has been working towards getting it to theatres in these two years.

Har Pal is a love story that revolves around two neighbours — Shiney and Preity. Eesha Koppikkar plays Preity’s roommate.



3 Responses to Har Pal releases two years later

  1. i wanna watch i wanna watch i wanna watch eventhough if pz films are delayed in 10 years time!

  2. Perez says:

    Though my excitement for this film gradually decreased over a period of time to a completely dampened one; I somehow find truth in the news this time. I sincerely hope Shiney’s film, Ghost does well so that it may garner some positiveness for Har Pal because apart from what happened with him, he is indeed a great performer.

    I saw Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Mara and the story was somehow similar to what is said of Har Pal: The strong relation between the daughter and her father. But I hope this one is better. Preity can get nominated for Filmfare Critic’s Best Actress Award for 2013 for this film and compete with Rani’s Aiiyya.

    My excitement would bounce back only when I see the promos now, on the TV.

    What say Worship Elle???

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