Isabella Adjani is signed for Ishkq In Paris

Preity Zinta has signed award-winning French actress Isabelle Adjani for her home production, Ishkq in Paris, directed by Prem Raj. Says a source, “Preity and Prem sent Isabelle the script a few months ago. Within days they got an email from her saying she loved the script, and could meet them in Paris to discuss the details. Isabelle plays the narrator in the film, who introduces the characters and the city of Paris.”

Ishkq in Paris is a passionate love story set against the backdrop of the Parisian fashion world. “After Isabelle agreed to be part of the cast, she started learning Hindi as she will speak a mix of both Hindi and French in the film. She is working on her accent and the finer nuances of the language. She starts shooting in January. Preity is also learning French as she will speak a smattering of it in the film.”

Preity is thrilled about signing Isabelle and can’t stop smiling, “Isabelle is revered internationally as a wonderful actress and is luminously beautiful, so I felt like a fan when I met her. It’s a dream come true to get her to act in a mainstream Bollywood film, apart from being an exciting proposition for us.”

Prem Raj adds that he is happy to be working with an actress like Adjani. “Isabelle is one of my favourite actors. It will be special to direct one of finest actors in the West. It’s indeed a very big thing for me! This is the first time that an international actor will be speaking our language so fluently in a Hindi film.”

About Isabelle Adjani

Isabelle Yasmine Adjani is a French film actress and singer who has appeared in over 30 films since 1970. She has received two Academy Award nominations for Best Actress and also won several awards at the Cannes Film Festival. This year, she was named ‘The most beautiful woman in film’ by Time magazine. Apart from acting, Isabelle has also recorded and released a French pop album titled Pull Marine.



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