Amusing Arjun on PZ show

After getting Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan on the show, Preity Zinta gets Ra.One aka Arjun Rampal on Up, Close And Personal With PZ. The host got her act right as she made Arjun spill some entertaining facts about himself on the show. Here’s a part of their interesting conversation.

Preity: Tell us about your friendship with Katrina Kaif.

Arjun: It was during Raajneeti that we became very close friends. Funnily there’s one incident wherein we were all having a meal together and Katrina asked for yellow sauce. Everyone looked blank and didn’t realise what she was asking. After going into a little more elaborate description, we realised she was actually referring to dal!

Preity: One thing about Mehr Rampal that no one knows.

Arjun: This is my big secret. Mehr was already a model before I became one and I had her poster pasted on the walls of my hostel room. I would think to myself that if I get married some day, it would be with someone like Mehr.

Preity: Do you have any crazy fan incident on you?

Arjun: Fans are fun! Having said that, once there was a stalker type of woman who landed up at my residence and refused to budge. I was afraid she would do something drastic like tear her clothes or something obnoxious.

While performing an impromptu play act with PZ, which is regular segment on the show, Arjun said something that left the actress agape. Preity played a firang character and said that she was smitten by Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, to which the actor quipped, “Shah Rukh doesn’t like white women and Salman doesn’t like girls at all!” Wow, we recommend PZ to get more such celebs on board. They will surely get the show’s TRPs rising. This episode goes on air on September 24 at 7 pm on UTV Stars.



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