Preity on Movie Scripts

Insisting that she has about a thousand ideas buzzing in her head, Preity Zinta says she doesn’t like mediocrity.

“There is so much one can do being within the industry. It’s upsetting to see mediocrity,” she sighs.

Preity hasn’t had a release in over two years, but says it was the lack of scripts that kept her away. “I waited for that one intelligent role, but nothing exciting came my way. When I meet friends, we talk about the kind of work we want to do together,” she says.

Denying rumours that it was her entrepreneurial ventures that kept her away from acting, Preity says, “People think I am not interested in films because of these other ventures. And I go, “You’re probably not making an effort to come up with an extraordinary script’.”

And that is why she has taken it upon herself to do something unconventional.

“For my film Ishq In Paris, I’ve consciously moved away from the monotony and I’m trying to do something that is genuinely different,” she says. “I’d rather wait than succumb to the trash,” she adds.



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