Preity Zinta turns chat show host

Preity Zinta has finally bagged her own TV chat show. The actress first decided that she wants to do a chat show on TV in 2009.

However, things never worked out for her. Again earlier this year there were rumours that she was trying to do her chat show with cricketers.

While she did manage to get a break into television with Guinness Book of World Records: Ab India Todega, the actress needed more than just luck to get the chat show going.

The actress, who will soon get back to films with her own home production, will be shooting for the TV show before she shoots her film.

“Preity has been trying to get a show going for the longest time. Interestingly, she finally got it going with Shah Rukh Khan’s company Red Chillies Idiot Box. They are producing the show and it will be called The Preity Zinta Show,” revealed a source close to the actress.

“Preity has kept this a hush-hush affair as she wanted to declare it only after the shoot commenced on August 5,” added the source.

The show is a celebrity based chat show and the first guest would apparently be Abhishek Bachchan. “The channel is hoping that the show turns out to be their trump card as they go on air on August 19. It is a Bollywood related channel and this is a good way to get the eyeballs,” added the source.

I contacted the journalist, who wrote this article. He said that he is very sure that Preity is getting her own talk show. He tried contacting her and her publicist, but there was no response



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