Preity Zinta learns French for next

Preity Zinta was last seen on the silver screen in Main Aurr Mrs Khanna, two years ago. The actress is now gearing up for her comeback in Bollywood. And despite being in the industry since 1998, her latest project is one of many firsts for her career. Ishkq In Paris will not only mark her first endeavour as a producer but also Preity’s first stint essaying a foreigner.

In the film, which goes on floors in a couple of months in Paris, Preity plays a half Indian, half French girl who falls in love in the romantic city. And to do her role as a French mademoiselle justice, the actress has been busy learning the language. While she has the basics down, she is still trying to perfect her diction.

When contacted, director Prem Soni said, “From the start, we were certain that Preity would be able to get the French accent and pronunciation. We did not want to dub her French dialogues. By the time we start shooting, I am sure Preity will know as much French as any native and speak the language fluently enough.”

While she may be learning to walk the talk, her look seems to fit the role perfectly. The director added, “So many people have said that Preity looks French. I couldn’t have cast anyone else in the role.”

Reportedly, Soni was adamant about two things casting Preity and shooting the film in Paris. When asked why Paris was the only choice on the list, Soni explained, “For Ishq In Paris, it was always Paris or nothing. I couldn’t locate this love story anywhere else. I started writing the script two years ago.”

However, what the director refrained from addressing are the rumours surrounding two versions of the Indo-French production.



2 Responses to Preity Zinta learns French for next

  1. andyM says:

    much as i love PZ i’ve been reading about this making a movie since late 2009 from her….so until someone shouts lights…camera…action & starts the thing rolling…i’ll just keep my emotion in tow.

    • Perez says:

      Well I can feel u too!
      But now that preity herself has confirmed..rejoice!! M sure this film will be featured at the Cannes! But I wish it releases earlier than that! Preity is set to get international recognition! Rejoice! She is surely back with a bang! She’ll be playing a high fashion chick role! Rejoice!

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